Speeding Accidents in Kansas City, MO

Were you recently hit by a speeding driver in Kansas City, MO? Speeding accidents are among the most catastrophic car accidents. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries and suffering, and our experienced Kansas City car accident lawyers can help.

At Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers, we have over 30 years of personal injury experience. Our attorneys have won some of the largest verdicts in state history, recovering more than $70 million in damages for clients like you. Our law firm is here to fight for you if you’ve been hurt, too.

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How Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Speeding Accident in Kansas City 

How Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Speeding Accident in Kansas City 

How do you prove that the other driver was speeding? Did anything else contribute to the auto accident? How do you actually get compensation for your crash-related injuries?

These are all important questions if you’re going to file a claim or lawsuit after getting into a car accident in Kansas City. But, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to answer them. You have enough to deal with – like healing from your catastrophic injuries and dealing with the trauma of the wreck.

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers can help.

Our Kansas City injury attorneys have decades of experience handling tough cases like yours. We’re ready to put our knowledge, insight, and resources to work to get you the best possible results.

We will:

  • Investigate the car accident and gather evidence to build and support your case
  • Find proof that another driver’s speed caused, or at least contributed to, your car accident
  • Work with experts – including medical professionals, tire track examiners, forensic specialists, and more – to ensure that we understand the full scope of your case
  • Handle negotiations with other parties and defend you if they try any victim-blaming tactics
  • Bring your case to trial if you aren’t offered a fair settlement

Give us a call to learn more. Your first consultation is absolutely free, so contact our Kansas City speeding accident lawyers for help today.

How Often Does Speed Contribute to Car Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speed was a factor in 26 percent of all fatal car accidents in 2019. 

And those are just fatal crashes. Factor in the number of collisions resulting in property damage or non-fatal injuries where speed is involved, and you’re looking at a much higher percentage.

Why is Speeding So Dangerous?

Speed limits in Missouri are chosen for very specific reasons. Many different factors are taken into consideration, such as the road’s location (urban vs. rural), traffic volume, number of lanes, and design. When drivers violate the speed limit, collisions are much more likely to occur. 

When drivers operate vehicles at high speeds:

  • It becomes more difficult to stop suddenly
  • It takes longer to come to a complete stop
  • Vehicles can become more difficult to control, especially in less-than-perfect weather conditions
  • Hydroplaning and loss of contact between the tires and ground becomes more likely
  • Vehicles are more susceptible to rollovers 

Driving below the speed limit can also be dangerous. Going too slow can disrupt the flow of traffic and create hazardous conditions for other drivers who are traveling at or near the posted speed limit. 

Situations are particularly risky when traffic sees vehicles driving well above and below the speed limit. 

What Types of Injuries Do Speeding Accidents Cause?

Speed is a factor in one out of every four fatal car crashes in the United States. Survivors still struggle with catastrophic, life-changing injuries when speeding accidents aren’t fatal.

At Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers, we help victims of speed-related auto accidents seek compensation for:

Get medical attention immediately after a motor vehicle accident in Kansas City, Missouri, especially if someone was speeding.

Prompt care will keep you safe and create an essential piece of evidence for your personal injury case. Your medical record can be used to prove a causal link between your crash and your injuries – which you’ll need to do if you want to maximize your financial recovery. 

Once you’ve sought medical care, don’t hesitate to call our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys for legal assistance. You’ll have a limited time to file a lawsuit, so call our law firm for help as soon as you can.

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