Parking Lot Accidents in Kansas City

Parking lot accidents in Kansas City are more common than most people realize. Even though you are not driving on the street, you can be seriously injured if you are struck by a vehicle in a parking garage or lot. Fortunately, the same personal injury laws that allow you to recover compensation for a traffic accident apply to parking lot crashes.

The Kansas City parking lot accident lawyers of Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers work with you to hold negligent drivers responsible for their conduct. Do not assume that insurance companies treat parking lot accident claims differently from other accident claims. If the insurance company can avoid paying your claim, it will.

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How Our Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You with a Parking Lot Crash

How Our Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You with a Parking Lot Crash

Regardless of the severity of your injuries or where the car crash occurred, you deserve to be compensated for injuries and damages caused by a car accident. Unfortunately, receiving a fair settlement is not always as easy as filing a claim. As a result, you may need to fight for what you deserve.

At Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers, we believe that accident victims should be treated fairly. You should not have to fight and beg for the compensation you are entitled to receive by law. Our car accident lawyers in Kansas City are strong advocates for the rights of injured victims.

When you hire our award-winning legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Assess your case and explain your legal options for recovering compensation for damages
  • Honestly answer your questions about your case and personal injury claims 
  • Launch a comprehensive accident investigation to gather evidence and identify the parties responsible for causing the car accident
  • Filing insurance claims and monitoring the statute of limitations to file lawsuits
  • Document your damages to calculate the maximum value for your injury claim
  • Work with medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and other expert witnesses as necessary
  • Prepare to argue your case in court if the other party refuses to negotiate a reasonable settlement

If you or your family member were injured in a parking lot accident, we want to help.

We handle all types of car accident claims, including:

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Common Causes of Parking Lot Accidents in Kansas City

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of crashes in parking lots. Unfortunately, motorists believe they are “safe” from car accidents in a parking lot, so they are more likely to allow distractions.

Speeding and aggressive driving are also common causes of car crashes in parking lots. Drivers race to get a parking space before another driver. They may also ignore directional signs to get the “perfect” parking spot.

Hit and run accidents are common in parking garages and lots. After hitting a parked vehicle in a parking lot, drivers flee the accident scene instead of waiting for the driver or leaving a note. Fortunately, many parking lots and parking garages have cameras to identify hit and run drivers.

Failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians is a factor in many pedestrian accidents in parking lots. Likewise, pedestrians are distracted and do not watch for vehicles before stepping out into traffic.

I Had A Crash in a Parking Lot – What Damages Can I Get?

You are entitled to recover compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. However, you must prove that the other driver caused the crash, and the crash resulted in your injuries such as airbag injuries and chest injuries

Fault can be challenging to determine for a parking lot accident. For example, if two vehicles are backing out of their spots and collide, who is at fault? Never assume that a parking lot accident claim will be a sure thing. It is always best to talk with an accident lawyer to review your case before talking to an insurance adjuster.

Provided you were not at fault for the cause of the parking lot accident, you should be able to recover compensation for your:

It is always a good idea to see a doctor as soon as possible after a parking lot accident. What you thought was a mild case of whiplash or soreness from the sudden jolt of a collision could be a sign of a more severe injury. Minor injuries can quickly escalate into serious health conditions without treatment. Visit our page to learn what to do when injured in a car accident in Kansas City.

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An estimated 50,000 motor vehicle accidents occur in parking structures and lots each year. More than 600,000 people are injured and more than 500 people die each year in parking lot crashes.

If you were injured in a parking lot accident, call Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers to speak with a member of our legal team. Our Kansas City parking lot accident lawyer reviews your case free of charge during a confidential, no-obligation consultation.

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