Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Kansas City

Accidents at intersections can be some of the most dangerous car crashes imaginable. The injuries caused by intersection crashes in Kansas City, MO, can be debilitating for vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and bicyclists. If you are injured in such a crash, you need an experienced Kansas City car accident lawyer to help you recover compensation for your damages.

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers is dedicated to helping victims of accidents on the most dangerous roads/intersections in Kansas City. We’ve been doing this for over two decades, recovering millions of dollars in the process.

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How Can Our Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers Help You After a Car Crash?

How Can Our Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers Help You After a Car Crash?

After a car accident, the odds may seem stacked against you. You are injured and incurring medical expenses, but the insurance company is nitpicking your claim. You need a Kansas City car accident attorney to even the odds and help you get compensation for your losses.

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers has recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients through jury verdicts and settlements. In fact, we’ve recovered some of the largest awards in the state in car accident cases. We want to help you recover fair compensation after your accident.

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Conduct a detailed accident investigation to gather and preserve evidence
  • Identify each party who played a role in the car accident
  • File insurance claims and negotiate settlement offers with insurance companies 
  • Retain experts to assist in the investigation 
  • Calculate the maximum value for your injury claim and fight to recover that amount
  • Prepare and file a lawsuit if the other parties refuse to settle the claim 

Handling a personal injury claim without an attorney can be overwhelming. It could also result in a poor outcome for your case. Call now for your free consultation with an accident lawyer in Kansas City to discuss how we can help you get the money you deserve after a car crash. 

What Are the Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Kansas City?

There are numerous dangerous intersections in Missouri where crashes occur regularly. Some of the most dangerous intersections in the state are located in the Kansas City area. 

According to crash data from the Missouri Highway Patrol, a few of the most dangerous intersections in Kansas City include: 

  • Van Brunt Blvd. and 23rd Street
  • Main Street and 39th Street
  • Truman Road and Oak Street
  • Jackson Avenue and 31st Street 
  • US 71 and Gregory Blvd.
  • Brooklyn Avenue and 29th Street
  • Ward Parkway and 75th Street

You can measure the dangerousness of an intersection or road by the number of accidents that occur there. You can also determine if a road in Kansas City is dangerous by the severity of the car crashes along the stretch of road. Sadly, any road in the State of Missouri can be a dangerous road when motorists make poor driving decisions. 

What Are the Common Causes of Intersection Accidents in Kansas City?

One of the most common causes of intersection accidents is the failure to yield the right of way. For example, a driver may run a stop sign or red light and cause a collision. Another example would be a driver turning left in front of another vehicle that has the right of way at an intersection.

Other factors that can lead to a car accident at an intersection include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Impaired driving (drunk driving and drugged driving)
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving

The driver who causes the accident may be liable for the damages caused by the crash. Missouri drivers must carry minimum liability car insurance coverage, but you may need to fight the insurance company to receive a fair settlement. 

Injuries and Damages Caused by Car Accidents at Intersections

Injuries from an intersection accident may range from soft tissue injuries and whiplash to catastrophic and life-threatening injuries. 

Other injuries could include:

Seeking immediate medical attention is a wise choice for your health. Prompt medical attention also helps build a stronger personal injury case.

The types of damages you could recover for a crash at an intersection include compensation for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Personal care and nursing care
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering, including emotional distress, physical discomfort, and mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Permanent disabilities 
  • Reduced future earning capacity

The value of your injury claim depends on the severity of your injuries, your financial losses, and other factors. Our legal team works to maximize the compensation you receive for damages so you can go on with your life after a car wreck. 

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