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Multi-vehicle car crashes are accidents that involve more than two vehicles. Often, they occur as a chain reaction, resulting in several secondary accidents after the initial accident occurs. 

Sorting through the carnage that these accidents leave behind in Kansas City, MO, can be difficult. The car accident lawyers at Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers are used to working on complicated cases and can help get to the bottom of your Kansas City multi-vehicle car crash. 

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How Can Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Help After a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident in Kansas City?

How Can Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Help After a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident in Kansas City?

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers is a small boutique personal injury law firm. Despite our small size, we have demonstrated our power to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. We have secured multi-million dollar results against the largest insurance companies who tried to cheat our clients out of the money to which they were entitled. 

We do not back down from a fight; our zealous representation has resulted in several six, seven, and eight-figure victories for our clients. These victories led to us being acknowledged by The Missouri Lawyers’ Weekly as having the “most reported winning cases” in the state.

When you hire our firm to represent you in a car crash case, you can trust us to aggressively fight for the full compensation to which you are entitled.

We handle all types of car accident claims, including:

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Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Collisions in Kansas City, MO?

The following factors often contribute to multi-vehicle car crashes:

  • Speeding – Pile-up accidents on the highway often involve higher speeds, which can result in fatalities and catastrophic injuries. 
  • Adverse weather conditions – There is a reason why many multi-vehicle car crashes occur in the winter months. Ice, snow, and other adverse weather conditions can make roadways slippery and decrease visibility. After one collision occurs, other drivers might not see or be able to react to the accident before another one occurs. 
  • Following too closely – When drivers follow too closely, they have less time to react once they recognize a hazard. 
  • Rubbernecking – In some cases, drivers might look at the accident scene and become distracted, which can lead to more collisions occurring. 

After a multi-vehicle crash occurs, it is important to determine who is responsible for the crash to work toward securing the financial compensation you are owed. 

Who Is Responsible for a Kansas City Multi-Vehicle Car Crash?

Missouri is an at-fault state for car accidents, meaning that the party who is at fault for the accident is responsible for compensating others they harmed through their negligence, usually through their liability insurance. In multi-vehicle crashes, it is more likely that more than one driver may be found at fault for the accident. 

Missouri uses special rules called joint and several liability. Under these rules, if a person is found to be 51% or more at fault for a victim’s damages, the accident victim need only sue that defendant. The defendant is financially responsible for paying for the entire judgment, even if they are not the only negligent party. If the defendant is less than 51% at fault for the accident, they are only responsible for paying for their portion of fault. 

Missouri also uses a pure comparative fault system. This means that if you contributed to the accident through your own negligence, you can still seek compensation from the party or parties who contributed to the accident. However, your compensation can be reduced by your portion of the fault. 

How Is Fault Determined in a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident in Missouri?

Multi-vehicle car accident cases may be more complicated than other types of car accident claims because multiple drivers may have acted negligently, and several victims may have been hurt. It is often necessary to conduct a thorough investigation to determine who acted negligently and how their negligence affected the crashes. An experienced lawyer will gather evidence to help establish fault, such as:

  • Accident reports
  • Witness statements
  • Physical damage to the vehicles
  • Photos or videos of the accident
  • Reports from accident reconstruction experts

When you are dealing with a complicated legal claim, it is important to have a strong legal advocate in your corner. 

What To Do After a Multi-Vehicle Crash 

If you are ever involved in a multi-vehicle crash, taking the following steps can help you protect your health and your legal claim:

  • Move to safety
  • Check if anyone was injured
  • Report the accident
  • Exchange information with the other drivers
  • Ask witnesses for their contact information 

Because multi-vehicle accident claims are often much more complicated than other types of motor vehicle accident claims, so you may also want to contact a car crash lawyer.

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