How To Obtain an Accident Report in Kansas City

You must call the police after any Kansas City, Missouri, car accident that causes death, injury, or property damage over $500. When you report your car accident, the police will send officers to manage the response and investigate the crash.

The police will take measurements, interview drivers, and talk to witnesses. Then they will summarize the results of this investigation in an accident report. The report will explain how the accident happened. This information will help your injury lawyer pursue an accident claim against the at-fault driver.

How Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Automobile Accident in Kansas City, MO

How Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Automobile Accident in Kansas City, MO

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers was founded over 20 years ago to help accident victims in Kansas City, MO, seek fair and just compensation from those who injured them. Our Kansas City car accident lawyers have recovered over $70 million in compensation for injured clients and have more than 30 years of combined experience.

When you hire us after a car accident, we can help you by:

  • Investigating your accident to collect evidence and determine all of your damages
  • Hiring experts as needed to analyze and strengthen your claim
  • Handling all of the communications, paperwork, and negotiations with the opposing party
  • Taking your case to court in case the at-fault party refuses to settle

A car accident can cause serious injuries that require costly treatment and therapy. Contact Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your accident and the injury compensation you can seek.

How Many Car Accidents Are Reported Every Year in Missouri?

According to the Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium, the state had 878 fatal crashes and 31,599 injury crashes in 2022. Police officers investigated and produced accident reports for these 32,477 accidents.

Additionally, the state had 95,008 property damage-only crashes in 2022. With the state’s relatively low threshold of $500 in property damage for reporting crashes, a significant number of these accidents also had accident reports. In other words, police officers prepared somewhere between 32,477 and 127,485 accident reports that year.

In Kansas City, 2022 saw 77 fatal accidents and 4,478 injury accidents, according to the Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium. The city also had 10,252 property damage-only accidents. This means that police officers in Kansas City produced between 4,555 and 14,807 accident reports.

Getting and Using an Accident Report in Kansas City, Missouri

Accident reports are usually not admissible in court because they constitute hearsay. But they contain witness names and a description of the accident to help your lawyer find admissible evidence.

Importantly, your lawyer can use an accident report when filing an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Insurers do not follow the hearsay rules, meaning you can include a copy of the accident report with your insurance claim.

To get an official copy of an accident report, you must certify that you are:

  • Someone who was involved in the crash
  • A lawyer representing someone involved in the crash
  • An insurer of property or individuals involved in the accident
  • A party to a personal injury or wrongful death case arising from the accident

How to obtain an accident report in Kansas City depends on which police agency investigated your accident.

Missouri State Highway Patrol

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) investigates accidents on state highways and interstate freeways. The MSHP is organized into troops. You will request an accident report from the troop that investigated your crash.

You can request an accident report from the MSHP by filling out a request form and mailing it along with a fee to the MSHP troop headquarters.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department investigates accidents on roads and highways outside Kansas City limits. If your crash happened just outside the city, a sheriff’s deputy might have responded to your accident.

Accident reports prepared by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department are available by mailing a request and fee to the Records Unit of the Sheriff’s Department in Lee’s Summit. You can also request a copy of your accident report online from BuyCrash.

Kansas City Police Department

The Kansas City Police Department has jurisdiction over traffic accidents that happen inside city limits. Dispatchers will route 911 calls to the agency with jurisdiction. If your accident happened on Kansas City streets and highways, the police department probably responded. If it happened on the freeway, the MSHP probably responded.

You can request an accident report from the Kansas City Police Department online at BuyCrash. The police department charges $9 for online accident reports. The Kansas City Police Department does not allow you to request a copy of your crash report in person or by phone.

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An accident report can contain critical information that will lead your attorney to admissible evidence supporting your case. 

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