What is Pre-judgment Interest?

Under Missouri law, pre-judgment interest may be recovered by a Missouri personal injury attorney for his client in certain circumstances. In all Missouri cases filed after August 28, 2005, Missouri law permits the recovery of pre-judgment interest where the attorney does the following: Makes demand… read more

Front Impact Car Accidents

Involved in a Missouri Front Impact Car Accident? A front impact car accident is typically the worst case scenario in the world of crashes because the delta V is higher than side or rear impacts. Delta V, simply put, is defined as a change in… read more

Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity Under Missouri Law

Missouri Sovereign Immunity Laws Generally, under Missouri sovereign immunity laws, public entities such as state, county, or city governments are protected against lawsuits for the negligent acts of their employees. However, Missouri law has established two broad exceptions to the doctrine of sovereign Immunity. First… read more

Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Claims

We Have Experience with Multi-Vehicle Accident Claims A multi-vehicle accident is simply a car accident involving more than two vehicles. Often, people will refer to such crashes as a “pile-up,” especially when they involve dozens of vehicles. Multi-vehicle accidents usually occur on highways where there… read more

Rollover Accidents

Injured in a Rollover Accident? Important strides have been made in vehicle safety over the last two decades with respect to the dangers of rollover accidents. Front and side airbags for both drivers and passengers are common in many vehicles, mandatory seat-belt laws were implemented,… read more

What is a soft tissue injury?

Typically, people with soft tissue injuries will present to the emergency room with complaints of stiffness, soreness, abrasions, lacerations or an achy feeling to the muscles. Often, emergency room doctors in St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri area will order an x-ray to rule out… read more