Breaking News: Missouri Passes Emergency COVID-19 Workers Compensation Benefit Presumption for First Responders

When COVID-10 hit the country, nobody really knew how unprepared our country was to deal with the crisis. Coronavirus has spread rampantly throughout the country and now New York has more confirmed cases than any single country. First responders have largely used up the personal… read more

Black Friday Injuries – Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers

Contact Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers if You’re Suffering from Black Friday Injuries! Thanksgiving is nearly over, but the Black Friday sales are just beginning. If you went to a store on the busiest shopping day of the year, and as an end result, suffered… read more

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers Files Distracted Driving Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Missouri

Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers filed a six-count wrongful death lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Saline County, Missouri arising from the July 10, 2015 death of 16 year old Carl Girard, Jr. Girard was a passenger in a car owned by Terrence Erby and… read more

Are Parents Legally Liable for their Child’s Actions in Missouri?

In some cases a parent can be held legally liable for their child’s actions. Generally, in order for parents to be held liable for their child’s acts, the parent must have control, custody or supervision over the minor. When is a parent responsible for personal… read more

How To Settle a Car Accident Case Claim in St. Louis, MO

When you or your family member, are the victim of motor vehicle accident in Missouri and you need to seek recovery for your losses, you may ask yourself “how do I get a good car accident settlement from the insurance company?” Here is what our… read more

Pro Bono Aid to Tornado Victims

E. RYAN BRADLEY ANNOUNCESPRO BONO LEGAL AID TO JOPLIN, MISSOURI VICTIMS Our attorneys are reaching out to Joplin, Missouri victims of the recent tornado and are offering 100% pro bono legal services. We understand many people will make insurance claims to their Missouri homeowners’ insurance… read more

What is medical payment (med pay) insurance coverage in St. Louis, MO?

In Missouri, medical payment coverage is commonly referred to as “Med Pay” by insurance companies. Medical payment coverage, unlike liability or uninsured motorist coverage, is optional in Missouri, meaning state law does not require you purchase it. Medical payment coverage is not fault based and… read more

Where to File a Lawsuit in Missouri- Venue Laws

Venue refers to the county where a lawsuit should be properly filed and brought to trial. Each county in Missouri has its own separate Circuit and Associate Circuit Courts. The Associate Circuit Courts have jurisdiction to try cases where the amount in controversy is up… read more

Careless Driving and Standard of Care

“Standard of care” means the degree of care which a person is required to exercise when operating a motor vehicle. In Missouri, all operators of motor vehicles are required to use this highest degree of care when on a public roadway. Missouri courts define the… read more

What Is The Missouri Recreational Land Use Act?

The Missouri Recreational Land Use Act (known as RUA) is a Missouri law which creates tort immunity for landowners that open their land to the public free of charge for recreational use.Missouri accident attorneys must consider this law when representing injured persons who have been… read more