Front Impact Car Accidents

Involved in a Missouri Front Impact Car Accident?

A front impact car accident is typically the worst case scenario in the world of crashes because the delta V is higher than side or rear impacts. Delta V, simply put, is defined as a change in velocity. When a car strikes another vehicle head on, often the vehicle will go from its pre-impact speed to zero in fractions of a second. In this type of car crash, the rate of deceleration is extreme and translates to huge forces on the human body. In a typical rear end collision, the vehicles are sometimes going in the same general direction and the change in velocity is not as rapid, resulting in less force acting upon the persons’ body.

In these types of cases, attorneys will often consult accident reconstruction experts to determine the Delta V. With this information, lawyers help prove your particular injury was caused by the car accident as opposed to a pre-existing condition. While determining the Delta V is helpful in some cases, it is by no means conclusive as to whether an injury did or did not occur from any accident.

One of the favorite defenses by insurance companies and their hired lawyers goes as follows: “Well, there is little to no property damage, therefore there must be no injury to your client.” While this may seem to be an attractive argument to lay persons, scientific data simply doesn’t back this up. In fact, researchers have repeatedly stated property damage is an unreliable predictor of injury risk or outcome in low speed car accidents.

We have developed a systematic approach to these junk science arguments by the insurance industry and defense lawyers. When confronted with published scientific data that defeats these false statements, these arguments typically fall flat on their face to any jury who understands the real science. In every case, we strive to present ample scientific evidence to defeat this and other mythical defenses. Attorney Ryan Bradley studied physics and biology in his undergraduate work, making him uniquely positioned to directly confront these defenses in the courtroom. 

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