Five Truck Crash Kills One Man in Missouri

Karl Krueger, 62, was killed and another man was injured Tuesday in a chain reaction crash that involved five tractor trailers near . This fatal tractor trailer accident occurred before noon as four of the trucks were stopped on highway I-29. Krueger was driving the… read more

Alcohol Suspected In Fatal Crash Involving Semi Driver in St. Louis, MO

The last week of 2010 saw a fatal accident on Interstate 70, near Agate, Colorado. A St. Louis, Missouri tractor-trailer driver is charged with causing the accident which took the life of a 71-year old man, and seriously injured two others. It is believed the… read more

Combating Truck Accidents Caused By Driver Fatigue

We often discuss the causes of Missouri tractor trailer accidents on this blog and one of the major problems continues to be truck driver fatigue. Whether it comes from lack of sleep or just a driver exerting himself further than his body can handle, fatigue… read more

Home Video Shows Oblivious Tractor Trailer Driver After Hitting Car

Some startling video involving a British tractor trailer crash has surfaced and is making its way around the internet. The video is from a cell phone camera and shows a tractor trailer that has just hit a smaller passenger car and is dragging it down… read more

Legislators To Debate Raising Weight Limit For Commercial Trucks

Changes to the weight regulations for tractor-trailers are expected to be debated by legislators and transportation officials and could lead to looser restrictions on weight limits for these commercial trucks. The current proposal being advocated by some in the trucking industry is to raise the… read more

Young Woman Killed In Truck Crash in Missouri

Grace E. Stanton of Springfield, Missouri was killed in St. Clair County Missouri trucking accident on May 21, 2011 at 11:56am. The Missouri truck accident occurred at the intersection of MO-13 and 3rd Street in Lowry City, Missouri. Stanton drove a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero on… read more

Teen Injured In Side Collision Truck Accident

A 19 year old from Hannibal, Missouri was injured when a truck driver’s error resulted in a Missouri side collision truck accident on June 22, 2011. The Marion County Missouri truck accident occurred in Hannibal, Missouri. Paul W. Shear of Taylor, Missouri was the truck… read more

Truck Driver Injured In Cattle Crash in St. Louis

A Missouri trucking accident injured a Missouri truck driver when he slammed into nine head of cattle on the I-70 on May 17, 2011, just after midnight. The Missouri 18 wheeler accident occurred in Russell County, Kansas on I-70 near the Dorrance exit. Truck driver… read more

18-Wheeler Kills Couple In Fiery Truck Accident

A Georgia couple was injured in an accident involving a Springfield, Missouri tractor trailer. The Missouri 18 wheeler accident occurred on May 30, 2011 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Frank Edward Shepherd, 58, and Pamela Shepherd, 48, passed away in fiery 18 wheeler accident on eastbound I-70…. read more

Truck Accident Kills Pedestrian On Highway 61

A 49 year old Missouri man from Shelbina, Missouri died in a Missouri truck accident on July 12, 2011 at 3:15am. He was struck by a Freightliner tractor trailer while walking in the roadway. The Missouri trucking pedestrian accident occurred as Kevin W. Shipley of… read more