Trucking industry argues that onboard recorder rules too costly

Members of various groups within the trucking industry have taken issue with rules soon to go into effect about the use of electronic onboard recorders (EOBR). They say the requirements, which companies have two years to comply with, make the technology too expensive. EOBRs are… read more

Trucking Industry Concerned About Public Data From CSA 2010

Nine states, including Missouri, have been testing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new safety enforcement program, CSA 2010, to generally favorable reviews. Now, though, with the program scheduled to go into full swing in November, some in the trucking industry are worried that the… read more

Truck’s Brake Failure Causes Three-Vehicle Truck Accident

A tractor trailer’s mechanical failure was the cause of a three-vehicle chain reaction truck accident in Saint Louis County. The accident occurred on Interstate Highway 270, less than a mile west of Interstate Highway 170. The West County accident involved three vehicles – a 2004… read more

Residents Suffer Moderate Injuries During 1-70 Snow Storm

The snowy weather brought yet another car accident involving two tractor-trailers and a car. The car, a 1998 Honda Civic, was disabled from a previous accident, blocking the roadway near the 79-mile marker. The driver of the Honda, Phyllis Winters, 55, is a resident of… read more

Two Drivers Able To Walk Away From Fiery Tractor Trailer Crash In Missouri

Two drivers are fortunate to be alive after a major Missouri tractor trailer crash Wednesday morning on Highway 36. Not only did the two drivers, Charles Donahue, 68, and Dewayne Achenbach, 51, survive, they were mostly uninjured. According to local media reports, both trucks were… read more

Two Injured When Truck Strikes Two Vehicles On I-44

Two Missourians were injured in a Laclede County Missouri truck accident on Interstate 44 on February 18, 2012. The accident occurred near midnight, at 11:58pm. A 2007 Freightliner crashed into the rear of a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro on the eastbound side of I-44 near the… read more

Two Residents Killed In Truck Accident In Missouri

Melva N. Turner and Eugene H. Turner of Joplin, Missouri were killed in a fatal Jasper County Missouri trucking accident on August 23, 2011 at 3:52pm. The Jasper County Missouri truck accident resulted in moderate injuries for a third man from Diamond, Missouri. The accident… read more

Two Killed In Local Vehicle Wreck

Jack Vaughn, 41, and Carol Cook, 53, were both killed Tuesday in a serious Missouri car accident on U.S. 60 near Poplar Bluff. This tragic accident occurred when Cook, who was traveling eastbound, crossed the center median, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Her… read more

Two Men Injured in County Truck Accident in Missouri

An early morning Missouri tractor trailer accident in Chillicothe, Missouri near the intersection of highway US-36 and Mitchell Avenue seriously injured one man and moderately injured another on March 28, 2011 at 6:47am. Max W. Archer, 22, of Hamilton, Missouri crossed US-36 while driving on… read more

Two Semi-Truck Accidents Occur On I-70

Two Missouri semi-truck accidents interfered with morning traffic on Interstate Highway 70. The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) is investigating both crashes. A MSHP officer state that the morning’s snow may have factored into the crashes, but the snow’s precise role in the accident has… read more