Five Truck Crash Kills One Man in Missouri

Karl Krueger, 62, was killed and another man was injured Tuesday in a chain reaction crash that involved five tractor trailers near .

This fatal tractor trailer accident occurred before noon as four of the trucks were stopped on highway I-29. Krueger was driving the fifth truck and, for some reason, failed to notice the line of traffic ahead of him. His truck crashed into the back of the fourth tractor trailer and a chain reaction spread the force of impact to the other trucks.

Krueger was rushed to an area hospital, but was pronounced dead after arriving. The driver of second big rig in the line of four, Charles Sundt, 62, was also taken to the hospital by emergency responders.

Early reports on this serious semi-truck crash have not determined why Krueger was unable to stop his truck before hitting the line of traffic. It has also not been reported what caused the backup of traffic on the highway in the first place.

The crash is still under investigation.

While we don’t know what exactly caused this accident, we do know that Krueger must not have had much of a chance to slow down before the impact if his tractor trailer was able to move a line of four others. Each semi-truck with a trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds (or more, if motor carrier regulations are violated) so the physical forces involved in this crash must have been incredible. This is especially so if Sundt, the driver of the second truck, was hospitalized even though he had two other big rigs between his truck and Krueger’s.

The amount of damage that can be caused by a tractor trailer in an accident is catastrophic. That is why we must ensure that all regulations are followed and negligent companies and drivers are held accountable for their actions. If you have been involved in a tractor trailer accident and would like to discuss your case with a legal professional, contact a tractor trailer accident attorney as soon as possible.

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