Teen Injured In Side Collision Truck Accident

A 19 year old from Hannibal, Missouri was injured when a truck driver’s error resulted in a Missouri side collision truck accident on June 22, 2011. The Marion County Missouri truck accident occurred in Hannibal, Missouri.

Paul W. Shear of Taylor, Missouri was the truck driver who drove a 2004 Freightliner on Veteran’s Road at Route MM in Hannibal, Missouri. As Shear drove the Freightliner to the intersection, he failed to yield to traffic. Shear crashed the Freightliner into the driver’s side of a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Kayla M. Rodgers of Hannibal, Missouri. Both vehicles ended off the roadway.

The 19 year old Rodgers suffered moderate injuries in the Missouri side collision truck accident. She was transported to Hannibal Regional Hospital by Marion County Ambulance. She wore her seat belt during the accident. Rodgers’s Pontiac was totaled in the accident. The Freightliner only sustained minor damage. There were no reported injuries for the truck driver.

Missouri side collision truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. Tractor trailers are significantly larger than passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicle design cannot absorb the forces of a collision with such a large vehicle. Side airbags help prevent injuries when two passenger vehicles collide. However, side airbags are far less effective in tractor trailer accidents.

Missouri drivers should be aware of conditions that increase the risk of side impact collisions with tractor trailers. Intersections are dangerous because truck drivers may cross without being able to properly see other vehicles in the intersection. Truck drivers may also have a difficult time seeing other vehicles while changing lanes or making turns. Drivers of passenger vehicles should give tractor trailers ample space in those conditions. Other conditions that may lead to a Missouri side collision truck accident are adverse weather, and poor road conditions.

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