18-Wheeler Kills Couple In Fiery Truck Accident

A Georgia couple was injured in an accident involving a Springfield, Missouri tractor trailer. The Missouri 18 wheeler accident occurred on May 30, 2011 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Frank Edward Shepherd, 58, and Pamela Shepherd, 48, passed away in fiery 18 wheeler accident on eastbound I-70. The Shepherds rode in an O&S Trucking tractor trailer behind another large commercial vehicle while exiting the interstate in Donegal Township, Pennsylvania. The Shepherds hit the rear of the other commercial vehicle. The Shepherd’s tractor trailer then lost control and slammed into the side of a parked tractor trailer. The crashed ended when the Shepherd’s crashed into the rear of another parked commercial vehicle, causing the Shepherds’ trailer to catch fire. The Shepherds were pronounced dead at the scene of the fiery Missouri 18-wheeler accident. According to a national news agency, one of the victims may have been ejected from the tractor trailer during the multi-vehicle truck accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an agency of the federal government that focuses on preventing the property damage, serious injury, and death caused by commercial motor vehicle accidents. The FMCSA publishes safety data about motor carrier firms on its Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System to hold trucking companies more accountable for properly maintain their fleet according to federal regulations.

The SAFER system shows dozens of safety violations for O&S Trucking, the Missouri motor carrier firm that owned the 18-wheeler involved in the Shepherds’ death. In the past two years, 44 inspections of O&S vehicle resulted in an “Out of Service” status. That status means that one or more violations were found in a single inspection. 12.5% of O&S’s inspections have garnered an “Out of Service” status in the past 24 months. In 2005, the firm had an FMCSA safety rating of “Satisfactory.” When the firm was reviewed in 2009, the FMCSA changed the rating to “Non-Ratable.”

Few people would search for a trucking company’s FMCSA safety rating after being injured in a Missouri 18 wheeler accident. Insurance claims, medical concerns, and the grieving process may dominate the thoughts of accident victims and their families. Investigating the facts of the company may not occur to the injured parties. An experienced attorney with knowledge of the trucking industry would know that gathering facts about the motor carrier’s safety record may help the victims obtain compensation after a Missouri 18 wheeler accident.

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