Rear End Truck Accident Sends Local Man To The Hospital in Missouri

A Waynesville, Missouri man was hospitalized after a Missouri rear end truck accident at the intersection of MO-19 and MO-54 on March 20, 2011 at 11:15am.

Alex W. Hause, 31, of Waynesville, Missouri was moderately injured in a Missouri truck accident. Hause drove a 2005 Kia on MO-19 in Audrain County, Missouri. He passed a 2010 Peterbilt tractor trailer driven by Michael E. Trinke, 56, of Rushville, Illinois before the intersection of Missouri highways 19 and 54. As Hause attempted to turn onto highway 54, the tractor trailer slammed into the rear of his Kia. The Missouri rear end truck accident forced Hause’s car of the roadway.

Hause suffered moderate injuries. He was transported to Audrain Medical Center for treatment. His vehicle was totaled. The Kia had to be towed away from the scene of the crash. Trinke, the truck driver, had no reported injuries from the crash. The Peterbilt tractor trailer only sustained minor damage and was driven from the scene.

Determining fault in Missouri semi truck accidents is a complicated process. Establishing fault after a big rig crash can involve a complex investigation into driving speeds, vehicle maintenance, and weather conditions. Blatant truck driver negligence can be the catalyst for a Missouri truck accident, but so can improperly weighted loads. Trucking insurance companies will invariably argue that the victim is actually at fault for the crash.

Missouri law allows defendants to raise the comparative negligence defense, which reduces the compensation that a victim can recover after a crash. If a truck driver raises a comparative negligence defense, the court will decide how negligent the victim was during the collision. If the court decides that the victim is even partially at fault for the Missouri truck accident, the court will reduce the compensation the victim may receive for injuries sustained.

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