Tractor Trailer Plows Through Line Of Cars

A tractor trailer crashed into a line of cars that was backed up because of traffic on Highway 71 on Wednesday afternoon. Five vehicles where involved in this serious Missouri truck injury crash, but thankfully no one was killed.

The accident began as traffic began to back up on the highway due to a previous accident. As the line of cars formed, a 1999 Freightliner, driven by Ronald Rotert, 55, approached. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Rotert failed to slow down and the tractor trailer struck four different vehicles. Among them was a 2002 Volkswagon, driven by Victoria Cooper-Tobin, 60: and a 2009 Chevrolet, driven by Terry Wagner, 29. The truck then finally came to an uncontrolled stop in the southbound lanes.

Cooper-Tobin and Wagner were both rushed to local hospitals with serious injuries. Despite extensive damage to all the other vehicles involved, nobody else was listed as injured on the initial crash report.

Our thoughts are with the injured parties and their families. Hopefully they can make a full recovery. Their injuries notwithstanding, this tractor trailer accident could have been much worse, perhaps even fatal.

Investigators quoted in the Kansas City Star said they are trying to determine whether distracted driving was the cause in this incident. It has a lot of the signs of distracted driving accidents we’ve seen in the past with a line of cars stopping in an unusual place due to a previous accident and the tractor trailer failing to try to stop at all.

Whatever details the investigation turns up will not change fact that the injured parties are in for a long recovery. Many times, serious traffic accidents can cause injures that require months of treatments or therapy and astronomical medical bills. While the liability in some accidents may seem cut and dry, too often we see insurance companies try to talk their way out of paying damages and hurt individuals who did nothing wrong are stuck with the bill. Because of the complicated nature of investigating these incidents, it is strongly advised that anybody involved in a crash contact a Missouri personal injury attorney for a consultation. There, you can discuss your case, usually free of charge and with no obligations, and learn how to protect your rights as an accident victim.

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