Teens Injured In Dump Truck Accident

Two 16-year-olds from Columbia, Missouri were injured a Boone County Missouri dump truck accident on August 18, 2011 at 7:15. The Thursday morning accident resulted in injuries for an adult Missourian as well.

The accident began when 16-year-old Alexander R. Jones drove a 2003 Honda Pilot on Route K at Old Plank Road. A 2005 Freightliner dump truck crashed into the passenger side door of Jones’s vehicle as Jones attempted to make a left turn. The dump truck was driven by Delmer T. Nichols of Ashland, Missouri. Both vehicles travelled off Route K. According to local reports, the dump truck overturned and spilled its contents.

Columbia teen Catherine M. Rodriguez was moderately injured in the Boone County Missouri dump truck accident. Jones and Nichols sustained minor injuries. All of the injured parties went to University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3,000 people die in large truck accidents in a single year. Thousands of accident victims sustain serious physical injury and emotional distress as a result of a Missouri trucking accidents. Accident victims have the right to obtain compensation for their injuries, but negligent drivers and their insurance companies may attempt to interfere with that right.

Negligent drivers and their insurance companies will likely attempt to argue against an accident victim’s claim. If the negligent driver caused the accident by ignoring a stop sign, the insurance company may argue that the stop sign was not visible enough. If the accident victim claims that injuries were sustained in the accident, the insurance company may argue that the accident victim is not truly injured. If the accident victim does not immediately seek treatment because the injuries sustained have delayed symptoms, the insurance company will argue that the injuries were not caused by the accident.

Accident victims may seek compensation for injuries sustained in a Missouri truck accident through a lawsuit or through settlement negotiations. In either venue, accident victims should have an experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer to fight on their behalf. If you are injured in a Missouri truck accident, get skilled legal representation before discussing the accident with insurance companies or filing a lawsuit.

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