5-year-old Injured In Trucking Accident in Missouri

A 5-year-old from Warrensburg, Missouri was injured in a Benton County Missouri trucking accident on Monday evening. The accident resulted in injuries for two adults as well.

The multivehicle truck accident occurred on August 15, 2011 at 7:20pm as two tractor trailers drove on US-65 near Cedar Gate Drive. One Peterbilt tractor trailer attempted to overtake another that was slowing on the roadway. The two tractor trailers collided in a Missouri rear end truck accident. The forces of the impact pushed a tractor trailer across the centerline of US-65 and that tractor trailer crashed into a passenger vehicle

The tractor trailer crashed into a 2004 Chevrolet by Dale T. Crabtree from Lincoln, Missouri. The Chevy went off the right side of the road and crashed into a culvert. The Chevy hit a road sign and then overturned.

There were no reported injuries for the tractor trailer drivers. Dale Crabtree, the driver of the Chevrolet, was seriously injured in the accident. He went to the Staff for Life University Hospital for treatment. Terri J. Crabtree sustained serious injuries. 5-year-old Maycie D. Streb suffered injuries as well. Terri Crabtree and Steb went to the Bothwell Hospital.

In 2010, more than 500,000 large commercial vehicles were involved in traffic accidents. These accidents resulted in serious injuries for more than 100,000 people. Thousands of Americans lost their lives because of trucking accidents. In an effort to decrease the devastation caused by Missouri truck accidents, the federal government enacted a number of safety regulations for the commercial trucking industry.

The federal government enacts and enforces federal motor carrier regulations, the safety laws that apply to the trucking industry. The different categories of motor carrier regulations are designed to combat the causes of trucking accidents. For example, Hours of Service (HOS) regulations govern how long a truck driver may operate a commercial motor vehicle to combat the trend of drowsy driving accidents. The prohibition on texting while driving a commercial truck is designed to combat distracted driving accidents.

An experienced plaintiff’s attorney understands that federal motor carrier regulations play an important role in a Missouri truck accident lawsuit. If the truck driver was violating a motor carrier regulation when a truck accident occurred, the violation may be evidence of truck driver negligence.

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