Woman Dies In Truck Accident

Christine Boone of Bucyrus, Missouri was pronounced dead after a Missouri truck accident that occurred on Fort Leonard Wood. According to reports, Boone was driving a 2005 Dodge Neon. The Neon was involved in a two-vehicle Missouri truck accident with a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck in the afternoon.

Boone was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by medical personnel from the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital. An occupant in Boone’s vehicle was sent to the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. The occupant was transported to the University Hospital by St. John’s Life Line Medical Services. The Fort Leonard Wood Military Police indicated that the occupant was in critical condition. There were no reported injuries for the soldier who drove the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck.

Missouri truck accidents are a potentially devastating event in someone’s life. Truck accident victims may suffer from a number of serious injuries – traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and painful fractures. Truck accident victims may have to endure expensive hospital stays, multiple medical tests, and painful surgical operations. The physical and financial consequences of a Missouri truck accident may be immense for a truck accident victim.

The emotional consequences may be severe as well. Many truck accident victims report suffering from nightmares after the accident. Flashback memories may cause the truck accident victim to repeatedly relive painful memories from the accident. The emotional consequences may be compounded by “survivor’s guilt” – a mental condition by which someone who has survived a life-threatening event feels guilty because other victims did not survive.

Truck accident victims may feel devastated by the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of a Missouri truck accident. In this stressful stage, decisions about whether to file a lawsuit or accept a settlement offer from an insurance company may feel overwhelming. Truck accident victims and their families are advised to get an experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer involved in the process as early as possible. A knowledgeable Missouri truck accident attorney will understand how to obtain just compensation from negligent truck drivers or trucking companies.

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