What is medical payment (med pay) insurance coverage in St. Louis, MO?

In Missouri, medical payment coverage is commonly referred to as “Med Pay” by insurance companies. Medical payment coverage, unlike liability or uninsured motorist coverage, is optional in Missouri, meaning state law does not require you purchase it. Medical payment coverage is not fault based and provides insurance benefits regardless of who caused a car accident, truck or motorcycle accident.

Why purchase medical payment insurance?

Typically, clients will use medical payment coverage to pay deductibles or co-pays from their health insurance company for injury related treatment. Most injured people do not realize medical bills paid by your health insurance may be submitted to “Med Pay” without the need to repay your health insurer. Under this scenario, med pay is basically “free money.”

Do not give your medical payment insurance coverage away!

In some cases, your health insurance company may try to take away your rights to medical payment coverage. Even worse, we have seen doctors in the St. Louis area obtain an assignment of benefits from their patients and bill med pay instead of the health insurance company since they can be repaid at a higher rate. Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers will ensure this does not happen to you! Make sure you do not fall into this trap! You paid for med pay coverage and are entitled to have it applied to your personal injuries!

We give “2 Thumbs Up” to medical payment coverage!

Generally, in Missouri, medical payment coverage is cheap and we highly recommend purchasing it, especially for families that live paycheck to paycheck. Many times, personal injury cases can take years to resolve. In the meantime, your medical providers and the insurance companies are not going to wait for the case to settle to recoup your deductibles and co-pays. This is where Med Pay steps in and saves you from credit bureaus ruining your credit score.

Our lawyers are here to answer your questions about medical payment insurance coverage. If you have questions regarding medical payment insurance coverage.

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