Two Injured When Truck Strikes Two Vehicles On I-44

Two Missourians were injured in a Laclede County Missouri truck accident on Interstate 44 on February 18, 2012. The accident occurred near midnight, at 11:58pm.

A 2007 Freightliner crashed into the rear of a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro on the eastbound side of I-44 near the 121.8 mile marker in Laclede County, Missouri. The impact shoved the Camaro into the left line of the interstate highway, where a 2006 Infiniti G35 crashed into the Camaro. The Camaro ended up in the median of the interstate. The Infiniti drove off the right side of the highway and crashed into the guardrail. The Freightliner travelled of the right side of the highway and rolled over. Two of the vehicles came to rest partially in the roadway.

Two of the drivers were injured in the accident. Tiffany L. Spanier of Lebanon, Missouri, the driver of the Camaro, suffered personal injury but refused treatment at the scene of the accident. Lance J. Bingaman of Belton, Missouri, the driver of the Infiniti, suffered personal injury but sought his own medical treatment after the accident.

Missouri truck accident attorneys recommend that accident victims accept onsite medical treatment after a rear impact truck accident. Most importantly, some accident injuries need immediate attention and treatment. Some serious accident injuries have delayed symptoms, giving the accident victim a false sense of wellness after an accident. While the accident victim may not feel injured, trained emergency medical personnel may be able to recognize signs of serious latent injury. Refusing medical treatment may give serious injuries with delayed symptoms, like brain injuries, time to worsen.

Refusing onsite medical treatment may also affect the ability of the accident victims to recover compensation for their injuries. Defense lawyers may try to argue that the accident victim refused medical treatment because the accident victim was not actually injured by the accident. The defense lawyer may even argue that the accident victim was injured at a later time and is trying to get the defendant to foot the bill. Whether or not onsite medical treatment was denied, accident victims need experienced legal representation to combat the false arguments of defense lawyers.

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