Trucker Causes Truck Accident Merging Lanes

Tammy J. Moody, 40, of Joplin, Missouri suffered moderate injuries in a Missouri trucking accident on December 19, 2011 at 6:30am. The early morning Jasper County Missouri truck accident was caused by a truck driver who failed to properly change lanes.

Truck driver John S. McBride of Carthage, Missouri drove a 2009 International TTL on northbound U.S. Highway 71, just 5 miles north of Carthage, Missouri. McBride attempted to merge into the right lane and crashed into Moody’s 1996 Chevrolet Corsica. The Chevrolet slid off the left side of the road and over-turned and struck a guardrail. Moody was taken by ambulance to Freeman West hospital in Joplin, Missouri. The Chevrolet was totaled in the Missouri truck accident.

Lane changes are a major cause of Missouri truck accident. Large tractor trailers may be as long as 80ft, so trucks need a large amount of space to change lanes. The consequences of a negligent truck lane change can be dire. If a tractor trailer incorrectly merges into a lane that is not clear, it can crash into a smaller vehicle. The tractor trailer may even push the smaller vehicle off the highway entirely, as in the above accident.

Truck drivers have a responsibility to avoid accidents by driving prudently. Truck drivers must check carefully before merging lanes, crossing an intersection, or entering and exiting a highway. Safe truck drivers tend to signal their intention to turn, and then allow enough time for vehicles in their blind spots to move out the way. By alerting other drivers of their intention to merge or change lanes, safe truck drivers strive to prevent Missouri lane change truck accidents. Truck drivers who fail to signal long before they attempt a lane change are risking a serious accident.

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