Tractor Trailer Rear Ends Preston Man in Hickory County

A Missouri rear end truck accident sent a man from Preston, Missouri to a local hospital. The Missouri truck accident occurred on April 25, 2011 at 9:45am.

Guy W. Snyder, age 69, of Preston, Missouri drove on northbound US-65 on Monday morning, just one and a half miles north of Preston. Synder drove a 1996 Dodge Dakota. Snyder slowed the Dakota to make a left turn. A 2008 Kenworth slammed into the rear of the Dakota as it slowed, causing a Missori rear end truck accident. Synder suffered the only reported injuries in the accident. He was taken to Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, Missouri. James B. Ritter, the truck driver who drove the Kenworth, had no reported injuries. Both vehicles sustained moderate damage and were towed from the scene of the accident.

Determining fault in a rear-end truck accident may be difficult. A number of potential parties may have caused the accident through negligent conduct. The truck driver may have driven negligently by driving too close to the rear of the vehicle. The trucking company may have been negligent in creating a relentless driving schedule that a driver could not complete while getting the federally mandated amount of rest. The truck maintenance company may have negligently cared for the parts of the truck, leading to mechanical issues. Even local government officials may have been negligent in their duty to monitor and maintain proper road conditions. Since assigning fault may be complicated, an accident victim should contact a Missouri truck accident attorney to handle the case.

Researchers in the Fatality Accident Complaint Team (FACT) are attempting to uncover common causes of Missouri rear end truck accidents to make determining fault less convoluted. FACT research data links truck brake violations to rear end truck collisions. More than 53% of fatal rear end truck accidents in which the truck struck another vehicle had at least one brake safety violation. Poorly maintained truck brakes are a logical cause of rear end truck accidents. Given their massive size, large commercial trucks take more time and cover longer distances to slow down. Tractor trailers need brakes in good condition to lower their speed fast enough to avoid a rear end accident.

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