Tractor Trailer Accident Shows Danger Of Tractor Trailer Jackknifes

A Missouri tractor trailer jackknifed and slid off southbound Interstate 29 into the median on Monday afternoon. The truck’s progress was stopped by the cable median before it could cross into oncoming traffic and become a more serious tractor trailer accident.

While there was some damage to the median and traffic was backed up for hours, no serious injuries were reported.

Fortunately this particular Missouri big rig accident was not serious, but that does not mean jackknife incidents aren’t capable of causing major damage. Anybody who regularly drives on highways with large amounts of tractor trailer traffic should be cautious and aware of the dangers at all times.

Jackknifes are caused when the load of a trailer pushes the cabin sideways and folds it backwards. Once in this position, the vehicle becomes impossible to control and it can slide unpredictably into other cars. Anytime a truck driver makes a turn or brakes, there is a potential for a jackknife.

A number of technological innovations have become standard to help limit the number of jackknife incidents. Anti-lock brakes help the driver maintain control when stopping suddenly and special rigging between the cabin and the trailer can help prevent the trailer from jackknifing. Computer assisted braking systems are also becoming common to further assist the driver.

Despite all the advances in technology, the best way to prevent truck accidents is to have skilled and responsible drivers. While most have a great driving record, there are a few negligent drivers and companies that violate regulations and put people in danger. If you have been involved in a tractor trailer accident, it is a good idea to have it investigated by an experienced Missouri tractor trailer crash lawyer.

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