Tire Blowout Causes Fiery Truck Accident in Missouri

A truck driver from Craig, Missouri was injured in a Missouri truck accident on September 23, 2011. The Holt County Missouri truck accident highlights the important role that commercial motor vehicle maintenance plays in preventing injurious accidents.

William H. Stone, 42, of Craig, Missouri was driving northbound on U.S. Highway 59 in a 2003 Peterbilt Concrete Mixer. The Missouri truck accident occurred when the left front tire of concrete truck blew out. Stone lost control of the concrete truck, crossed the centerline, and drove off the side of the roadway. The truck crashed into an embankment, then a fence. The truck caught fire as it traveled into a nearby corn field. The accident concluded as the truck came to rest on the passenger side.

Stone was moderately injured in the accident. He was transported to Heartland Regional Medical Center in St. Joseph by Atchison-Holt ambulance. Stone had to be assisted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Holt County Sheriff’s Department, Craig Fire Department, and Fairfax Fire Department.

Trucking companies must properly maintain their vehicles in order to prevent Missouri trucking accidents. Commercial motor vehicles must be regularly inspected and serviced to function properly. Negligently maintained commercial motor vehicles may malfunction in a way that causes a serious traffic accident.

Tires are vital for commercial motor vehicle safety. The tires of large commercial vehicles like tractor trailers and concrete mixers carry tremendous weight. Tires with that level of burden must be maintained and replaced appropriately. If trucking companies fail to take tire maintenance seriously, a tire blowout may cause a serious accident. Not only are tire blowout accidents potentially devastating, they are preventable. Trucking companies must maintain their fleet.

If you are injured in a Missouri truck accident, contact our Missouri truck accident lawyers. We know how to review trucking company maintenance records to uncover whether the trucking company was negligent in vehicle maintenance.

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