Three Winston Residents Injured in Dekalb County Trucking Accident

Three men from Winston, Missouri were injured in a Dekalb County Missouri trucking accident. The men were riding in a 2000 Chevrolet Express Van on US-36 in Stewartsville city limits. Ahead of the van, a 2005 Kenworth Conventional driven by Iowa truck driver John R. Keith was attempting a right turn onto a smaller street. A Missouri truck accident occurred as the towed unit of the Kenworth truck collided with the van occupied by the Winston men. The van came to rest on US-36 while the truck completed a controlled stop on the side street.

The injured men were taken to local hospitals for medical treatment. Van occupant Quentin J. Hunt, 42, suffered moderate injuries. He was transported to Cameron Regional Medical Center by Dekalb-Clinton EMS. Van occupant Jerrod A. Hunt, 20, was transported to the same hospital by Tri-County EMS. Van driver Jerry L. Talbot, 52, was transported to Heartland Regional Medical Center by Heartland EMS.

Determining fault in a Missouri semi-truck accident is different for every case. On occasion, a Missouri trucking accident is caused by obvious negligence on the part of the truck driver. In most instances determining fault is more complex. A fatigued truck driver may have caused an accident after operating the commercial truck more than the legally allowed limit. The truck could have been loaded and secured improperly by a non-driving employee of the trucking company. One or more of the mechanical parts of the truck could have been defectively manufactured.

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