Three Injured In School Bus Accident In Missouri

Three people were transported to a local hospital after a Callway County Missouri school bus accident on August 23, 2011. The early morning Missouri school bus accident occurred on U.S. Highway 63, at County Road 394.

The accident began as the school bus attempted to cross US-63 while driving along the county road. The 2006 International School Bus was driven by 63-year-old driver Dennis W. Lutz from Jefferson City, Missouri. The bus crossed the intersection into the path of a 1997 Jeep driven by Bryan J. Phillips of Russellville, Missouri.

Phillips and two of his occupants were injured by the Missouri school bus crash. Occupant John B. Bernskoetter of Jefferson City, Missouri suffered moderate injuries. Samuel J Luebbering, also from Jefferson City, sustained minor injuries. All three men were transported to St. Mary’s Hospital by ambulance. None of the men wore a safety device during the Missouri school bus accident.

The prospect of a Missouri or Illinois bus accident may terrify parents, but school buses are a safe transportation method for children. Each year, there are roughly 6,000 school bus injuries and 20 school bus fatalities. Those figures are far less than the 78,000 injuries and 400 fatalities sustained by teens while commuting to and from school. In general, school buses are the safest transportation method for children to use to get to school.

Despite their safety, Missouri bus accidents may occur. Many Missourians remember a devastating bus accident that resulted in nearly 50 injured people just last year. A truck driver and a Missouri high school student were injured in a multivehicle accident that involved a tractor trailer, a pickup truck, and two school buses. The school buses were heading to an amusement park and carried many students.

Bus accident settlement negotiations and lawsuits may be complex. Often, multiple parties are injured. The accident victims may be minors. If the bus driver is at fault for the accident, issues of who is financially responsible for the injuries may be hotly contested. For example, if the bus driver is directly employed by the public school district, there may be complicated municipal liability issues. If the bus driver works for a private company that contracted with the school, there may be complicated service contract issues. After a Missouri school bus accident, it is vital for accident victims and their loved ones to contact a school bus accident lawyer.

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