Truck Driver Causes Rear End Truck Accident In Missouri

A Cass County Missouri truck accident happened on June 23, 2011 at 3:25pm. The Missouri rear end truck accident occurred when a tractor trailer crashed into another vehicle on US-71.

Truck driver Hector H. Marrero of Houston, Texas drove a 2005 International tractor trailer on US-71 at 307th Street. Marrero slammed the tractor trailer in the left rear bumper of a 1999 Chevrolet driven by George W. Hess of Clinton, Missouri. After impact, the tractor trailer drove into a ditch off the side of the roadway and overturned. Both vehicles were totaled in the accident. The injured went to the Research Hospital in Kansas City, transported by West Peculiar E.M.S.

Missouri truck accidents may be caused by truck drivers from out of state. Missouri accident victims may wonder whether they may successfully sue out-of-state defendants in Missouri state court. State courts have limited jurisdiction. The Missouri state court does not have the authority to issue judgments on people who lack meaningful contact with the state.

Missouri Rule of Procedure 54.06 determines whether out-of-state defendants may be sued in Missouri state court. According to Rule 54.06, serving process on a person, firm, or corporation who “commits a tortious act” in Missouri is enough to authorize a judgment in Missouri state court. Motor vehicle accidents that result in injury are always considered a tortious act. Therefore, Rule 54.06 grants Missouri state court the authority to issue judgments against out-of-state truck drivers who cause injury in Missouri truck accidents.

Accident victims may additionally sue out-of-state trucking companies under Rule 54.06. When truck drivers injure an accident victim within the course of their employment, their employer trucking companies may be liable for that tortious act. Firms and corporations that commit tortious acts within Missouri are under the authority of Missouri state court. Under Rule 54.06, trucking companies may be held accountable in Missouri state court for causing truck accidents.

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