Local Woman Injured In Truck Crash

Shana M. Peterson from Stoutland, Missouri was injured in a Laclede County Missouri truck accident this week. The Laclede County truck accident occurred on Route T at I-44.

Peterson drove a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire on Route T near I-44. A large 2005 Kenworth tractor trailer attempted a left turn onto Route T. The tractor trailer, driven by Donald E. Wilkinson of Mount Vernon, crashed into the Pontiac. Peterson suffered the only reported injuries in the accident. She was transported to St. John’s Hospital in Lebanon, Missouri for medical treatment.

Left hand turns are an accident prone maneuver. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 6.1% of vehicles involved in fatal crashes were turning left. For comparison, only 0.8% of vehicles involved in fatal crashes were turning right.

Tractor trailers that attempt a left-hand turn are particularly dangerous to other vehicles. Tractor trailers make wider turns than passenger vehicles. The wide turning radius of tractor trailers causes them to cross into multiple lanes while turning. Truck drivers sit much higher than passenger vehicle drivers. As a result, a truck driver making a left turn may not be able to see all the nearby vehicles. Left-hand turn truck accidents are a possibility whenever a tractor trailer attempts a left turn near other vehicles.

Truck drivers should attempt left turns prudently, in full awareness of the vehicles nearby. Truck drivers who rush into a left turn during a yellow light or turn left without monitoring nearby vehicles are putting the public at risk. If truck drivers cause a Missouri truck accident by negligently attempting a left turn, they should be held accountable.

Truck accident victims are empowered to obtain compensation from the truck drivers and truck companies that caused their injuries. Missouri truck accident lawsuits are often more complex than car accident lawsuits. Truck accident victims should contact experienced Missouri truck accident attorneys who understand how federal regulations and state tort laws affect their case.

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