Separated Trailer Blocks Highway after Missouri Truck Crash

A double Missouri tractor trailer accident resulted in a tractor trailer separation that blocked a highway. The Marion County Missouri truck accident occurred on September 26, 2011 at 6:28am.

The early morning truck accident began as a 2001 Freightliner followed a 2006 Kenworth on U.S. Highway 35 at Route DD, 12 miles west of Hannibal, Missouri. The Missouri double truck accident occurred when the Kenworth slowed to attempt a right turn. The Freightliner slammed into the back of Kenworth. The Freightliner’s tractor and trailer units separated during the impact. The tractor came to rest in the median of the highway while the trailer blocked eastbound traffic.

Raymond Nanneman of Salisbury, Missouri sustained moderate injuries in the accident. He was transported to Hannibal Regional Hospital by Marion County EMS. There are no other reported injuries for accident.

A Missouri double truck accident occurs when two tractor trailers collide into one another. Missouri double truck accidents are dangerous for both truck drivers as well as the broader public. A single tractor trailer may weigh as much as 40 tons, equivalent to 80,000 lbs. When two of these massive vehicles collide, the forces are tremendous. The trucks may cause extensive damage to each other. Truck drivers and occupants of other vehicles may suffer physical injuries as well.

Double truck accidents may seriously injure members of the public. The force of the impact may push the tractor trailers into passenger vehicles on the same roadway. Passenger vehicles do not often fare well in a collision with a single tractor trailer. Passenger vehicles offer even less protection for their occupants when multiple tractor trailers crash into the same vehicle.

The forces of a double truck accident may also cause trailers to separate, as in the above accident. Heavy trailers travelling unattached to their tractor cab seriously endanger drivers, passengers, and pedestrians nearby. A single trailer that is fully loaded weighs more than an occupied passenger car. When a trailer is uncontrolled an near the public, serious injury and property damage may result.

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