Semi-truck Accident Leaves Three Dead in St. Francois County

Our St. Francois County Missouri personal injury lawyers recently became aware of a fatal accident reported yesterday, January 20th, by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The accident occurred in the southbound lane of U.S. 67, just north of St. Francois State Park. The heartbreaking accident claimed the lives of Rachel Sharp, 18, Aaron Weber, 20, and Frank Weber, 56, who were all pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by St. Francois County Coroner, Jim Coplin. According to the crash report, the 1996 Ford Crown Victoria was slowing in the southbound lane of U.S. 67 when it was struck in the rear by a 2008 Freightliner, driven by Robert Carmona. Upon collision, both the car and the semi-truck skidded off the right side of the roadway. It is not yet known whether the driver of the tractor-trailer suffered injuries from the accident. The crash is under investigation to determine the exact cause of this tragedy.

Many times a rear-end truck accident happens when the vehicle in front decelerates, and the big truck behind is not able to brake in time to avoid a collision. In some cases, the truck driver may be fatigued, or simply not be paying careful attention to the road. In a truck accident that results in fatalities, the families of the victims are strongly urged to contact a St. Louis wrongful death attorney. An experienced truck accident attorney can first determine whether the driver has exceeded the hours allowed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Truck drivers have a responsibility to be diligent drivers and follow the rules of the road. Should a truck driver choose negligence over safety, causing a fatality, a Missouri wrongful death lawyer will work hard to recover damages for the grieving family.

In some instances, if a Missouri wrongful death claim is relatively clear-cut and the insurance company is willing to tender the policy limits without a fight, our personal injury lawyers will provide free legal advice on how to settle the wrongful death for free. In these instances, if the insurance company has offered the policy limits prior to the consultation, our wrongful death lawyers will explain to the family the process of getting the settlement approved by the court and distribution of the proceeds. Typically, insurance companies are not willing to immediately hand over the policy limits. Unfortunately, for this reason, the number of times our attorneys have engaged in these services is few and far between. If you think the insurance company is not playing fair in failing to tender the policy limits immediately after presentation of a wrongful death claim, our injury lawyers in St. Louis can provide you with free information about your legal rights.

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