Semi Truck Collision Occurs On Us Route 65

Three Lebanon, Missouri residents were injured in a collision with a semi-truck on June 15, 2012 in Christian County. The collision occurred on US Route 65, roughly five miles south of Ozark, Missouri and the time of the accident was at 9:50pm.

Brian P. Cheng of Kansas City, Missouri was traveling southbound on US Route 65 in a 2011 Freightliner semi-truck. At the same time, Joshua L. Oliver of Lebanon, Missouri was traveling behind Cheng in a 2004 Ford Explorer. Oliver was also traveling with Joel. R Oliver, an infant who is not a year old yet, Jace L. Oliver, age 2, and Alaina S. Oliver, age 3. Both vehicles eventually traveled near a construction zone in US-65 and were waiting in traffic. Cheng ended up stalling the motor to his freightliner and began rolling backwards. Oliver, following Cheng at the time, ended up colliding with the freightliner. The freightliner only sustained minor injuries while Oliver’s Ford Explorer sustained moderate injuries. Cheng was unaware of the collision and continued traveling southbound on US-65 away from the scene of the accident. Cheng was later notified by authorities.

Missouri State Highway Patrol and medical responders determined that the three Oliver infants all sustained minor injuries in the accident. All three were transported to Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri by ambulance.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has often expressed some concerns over the stalling of engines and motors. Most often, the NHTSA often makes recommendations that certain vehicle models should be recalled because of spontaneous engine or motor stalling. In these cases, this could pose as a safety risk because vital functions of the vehicle would essentially be shutting down without actually alerting the driver. Thus, the chance of a Missouri vehicle accident would be possible in these kinds of scenarios.

For semi-truck drivers, engine or motor stalls can surface from a variety of different causes. With that said, a semi-truck undergoing sudden motor or engine stalls can endanger all Missouri motorists in the immediate vicinity and can even result in a Missouri semi-truck accident. Due to the large size of a semi-truck, an engine or motor stall can result in the semi-truck suddenly rolling into other vehicles. It could also strip control away from the semi-truck driver. In order to best prevent these kinds of mechanical problems, trucking companies need to make sure that they keep their semi-trucks in frequent and in good repair.

According to Congress, trucking companies have certain duties and obligations that they must fulfill in terms of keeping their semi-trucks in good repair. Failing to keep semi-trucks in good repair could either lead to responsive measures by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or could open semi-truck drivers and companies to civil liability by Missouri semi-truck accident victims. Even in the case of a seemingly innocent semi-truck collision, it would be best to consult with a Missouri semi-truck accident lawyer to see if a trucking company was actually at fault.

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