Oversized Tractor Trailer Causes Benton County Truck Accident

An oversized tractor trailer caused a Benton County Missouri truck accident on June 30, 2011 at 2:00pm. Truck driver Cory Deckert crashed an oversized 1994 Kenworth into a 1975 Ford driven by Lonnie J. Price. The oversized tractor trailer broke the driver’s side mirror of the Ford and injured Price. Deckert is from Drexel, Missouri. Price is from Calhoun, Missouri. Although Price sustained minor injuries in the accident, he refused medical treatment.

Truck accident victims who sustain only minor injuries often refuse medical treatment after a Missouri truck accident. However, accepting onsite medical treatment is a critical part of what to do after a Missouri truck accident. Some truck accident injuries have delayed symptoms. For example, accident victims with spinal cord injuries may not feel pain for hours or days after the accident. Well-trained medical personnel may be able to spot serious injuries before the accident victim is able to feel symptoms.

Refusing onsite medical treatment may compromise an accident victim’s claim for damages. Trucking companies and their insurers will argue that the accident victim’s injuries were not caused by the Missouri truck accident since the accident victims refused medical treatment. Every Missouri truck accident victim should accept medical treatment after an accident. Good legal representation is vital to argue against this faulty logic.

Truck accident victims need to secure evidence after the truck accident. Photograph the accident site before the authorities begin to clear away the vehicles. Photograph any personal injuries, vehicle damages, or other property damage that resulted from the accident. The photographs should include close-ups to show detail along with wider shots showing the relative position of the vehicles. Truck accident victims should keep a journal detailing every event related to the accident: contact from insurance companies, statements made by the truck driver, trips to the doctor, etc. Any paperwork, contracts, settlement offers, or bills should be retained.

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