Trucker Causes Wrong Way Truck Accident In Missouri

Two people were injured in a Missouri truck accident on November 18, 2011 at 7:35pm. The Buchanan County Missouri trucking accident occurred on southbound I-29 at Missouri Route DD in Faucett, Missouri.

Jerome D. Lunsford of Steinauer, Nebraska drove a 2009 Kenworth northbound up the southbound ramp to I-29. Realizing his mistake, Lunsford turn the Kenworth around to attempt to drive southbound. The Kenworth blocked the southbound lanes of the roadway as Lunsford attempted to turn around. A 2004 Chrysler crashed into the side of the truck.

The Chrysler was driven by James A. McCord of St. Joseph, Missouri. McCord was driving in the correct direction when the Missouri wrong way truck accident occurred. McCord suffered moderate injuries in the accident. Cynthia S. McCord, an occupant in the Chrysler, suffered serious injuries. Both truck accident victims were taken to the Heartland Regional Medical Center. Northland Regional E.M.S. District transported the truck accident victims to the hospital.

Determining fault in a Missouri truck accident is not always complex. Occasionally, the negligence of the truck driver or the trucking company is obvious. However, Missouri truck accident lawsuits in which the truck driver is completely at fault are not always easy for the truck accident victim. Truck accident victims benefit from the services of an experience truck accident attorney who can guide them through the settlement negotiation process. If that process fails, the Missouri truck accident attorney can build a strong case in court.

Defendants have a strong financial incentive to offer the smallest amount possible in settlement negotiations. Trucking companies and their insurers may attempt to offer a low settlement before the truck accident victim obtains the services of an attorney. The defendant offers the early settlement in hopes that the truck accident victim is not aware of the legal rights afforded to accident victims in court. The defendant hopes that the truck accident victim will believe a small settlement is actually a good offer.

A recent case highlights the difference between the amount that a defendant may offer and the amount an accident victim may win in court. In a recent case litigated by our law firm, the accident victim won her traffic accident lawsuit. The jury returned a verdict of $217,500 for the plaintiff. During earlier settlement negotiations, the defendant offered a mere $30,000. Without adequate representation from an experienced plaintiff attorney, the accident victim may have accepted the defendant’s offer. The accident victim may not have known that the defendant’s offer was only 13% of what could be won in court.

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