MSHP Reports: What You Need to Know

When you’re involved in a car accident, you need to call 911 and request assistance from law enforcement. The law enforcement agency that responds to the call depends on the area where your accident occurred. If you’re on a highway in Missouri, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is in charge.

In the days after your collision, an accident report will become available. A crash report is valuable evidence for a car accident claim.

What Is a Missouri State Highway Patrol Crash Report?

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is the law enforcement agency in charge of the highways in Missouri. When you’re involved in an accident on any highway throughout the state, they will respond to the scene.

Law enforcement will collect important information regarding your accident by speaking to all parties involved and witnesses and also surveying the scene. They will then turn the details they gathered into a crash report.

Why Do You Need a Highway Patrol Accident Report?

Accident reports can help your car accident claim greatly. 

These reports can help:

  • Decipher the cause of your accident
  • Determine liability for the collision
  • Prove your damages

Crash reports are often critical pieces of evidence in car accident cases. They can help accomplish plenty and answer vital questions while helping you pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

Ways to Obtain Your Missouri Highway Patrol Crash Report

Missouri State Highway Patrol accident reports are usually available about a week to 10 days after your accident. Once your report is available, you can obtain a copy by utilizing any of the following methods.

Get Your Accident Report Online

You can visit the Missouri State Highway Patrol webpage dedicated to official crash reports. You can search reports by name, county, trooper, location, date, and injury. 

Requesting your accident report online is usually the quickest and easiest way to obtain it.

Get Your Accident Report by Mail

You can also request a copy of your accident report by mail by filling out and mailing a Missouri State Highway Patrol Request for Traffic Crash Report form

The form includes a list of all troop headquarters in Missouri with addresses. Check off the box for the trooper that handled your accident and mail it to that address.

Accident reports are not free, and you’ll have to include payment. Only checks and money orders are acceptable; if you send cash, they will return it.

Additionally, only certain parties are allowed to receive unredacted copies of crash reports, including a party involved in the accident and legal representatives. If a person requesting an accident report does not fall under one of the listed categories, the MSHP will send a redacted copy to protect drivers’ privacy.

Get Your Accident Report in Person

Finally, you can get a copy of your accident report in person by visiting a Missouri State Highway Patrol office. 

They will ask you for a valid form of identification, your contact information, and the required paperwork. The office will then contact you once your report is ready for pickup.

A Missouri Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Obtain an MSHP Crash Report

For assistance with obtaining your Missouri highway crash report, speak to a personal injury lawyer. Due to the importance of an accident report, you should always try to obtain a copy to aid your claim.

Not only can an attorney use this valuable piece of evidence to build a strong claim, but they can also handle your claim all the way through, working diligently to get you the financial recovery you need after your accident.

After a car accident, consult a personal injury attorney right away. A lawyer can gather details about your accident and determine the best course of action to protect your rights and fight for compensation. 

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