Missouri Truck Driver’s Medical Emergency Causes Missouri Truck Accident

A Warrenton, Missouri truck driver died in a Missouri truck accident. The accident was caused by an unreported medical emergency. The truck driver’s medical emergency happened while he was operating his commercial motor vehicle.

The Missouri truck accident occurred out of state on I-94. The truck driver – Keith Earl Richardson of Warrenton, Missouri – veered off the interstate highway in Michigan. The accident occurred in a construction zone. The Michigan State Police went to the scene of the accident. The police found the 56-year-old truck driver unconscious. Richardson was taken to Chelsea Hospital, then St. Joseph Mercy Health System. He passed away at St. Joseph. Other vehicles managed to avoid colliding with the truck as it careened on the roadway.

Truck drivers are ultimately everyday people. Like others, truck drivers may suffer from medical conditions that interfere with their ability to work well. However, disruptive medical conditions have a greater ability to endanger the public when they affect truck drivers than when they affect others. A sudden medical emergency may cause the truck driver to swerve dangerously on the roadway. When a truck driver suffers from an acute medical condition, it can harm the health of others by causing a Missouri truck accident.

A particularly dangerous medical condition for truck drivers is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a medical condition characterized by the narrowing of the upper airway during sleep. Sleep apnea causes the sufferer to wake up repeatedly during the night. Oftentimes, the sufferer does not fully realize that his or her sleep is being disrupted. Sleep apnea is particularly dangerous for truck drivers, since excessive daytime drowsiness is a key symptom. When truck drivers suffer from excessive drowsiness while operating a commercial motor vehicle, everyone on the roadway is endangered. The dangers of sleep apnea highlight the role that truck driver health plays in Missouri trucking accidents.

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