Tractor Trailer Crash Injures Man On Route B

A Missouri man was injured in a Missouri trucking accident on April 5, 2011 at 6:14pm on Route B in Bates County, Missouri.

Truck driver John M. Schreimar, 60, of Concordia, Missouri crossed the centerline of Route B in a 2005 Kenworth while driving eastbound. Everett M. Dains, 53, of Columbia, Missouri was driving a 2007 Dodge on westbound Route B at the same time. The towing unit of the Kenworth tractor trailer struck Dains’s vehicle.

Both the Dodge and the Kenworth tractor trailer sustained minor injuries. The vehicles were released to the drivers after the accident. No injuries were reported for the truck driver. As a result of the Missouri truck accident, Dains suffered minor injuries. He was not transferred to a hospital because he did not seek medical treatment.

Seeking medical treatment after a Missouri trucking accident is an important step in what to do after a Missouri truck accident. Many accident injuries do not show outward symptoms immediately, but can be identified through an examination by medical personnel. For example, brain injuries and whiplash neck injuries may elicit delayed symptoms. Accident victims may not be aware of their injuries for days after the accident. Medical professionals, however, are likely to check for brain and spine injuries after a Missouri truck accident. Receiving medical treatment immediately after the accident is vital for identifying the consequences of the accident.

Seeking immediate medical treatment can also help an accident victim get full compensation for injuries sustained in the accident. Medical records and bills will link the injuries directly to the accident, lessening the insurance company’s ability to argue that the accident was unrelated to the injuries. Medical records and bills related to injuries sustained in an accident will also give the court a better understanding of the financial costs of the accident to the victim. With improved evidence, the court may award more accurate compensation for the victim’s injuries.

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