La Plata Missouri Man injured in Missouri Jackknife Truck Accident

Roy D. Payne from La Plata, Missouri was injured in a Missouri jackknife truck accident on October 19, 2011. The Missouri jackknife trucking accident occurred as Payne drove a 2002 Chevrolet on U.S. Highway 63 near La Plata. A truck driver from Eldon followed Payne’s vehicle too closely while operating a 2011 International Tractor Trailer. The two vehicles collided, causing the tractor trailer to jackknife.

The Missouri jackknife truck accident only resulted in injuries for Payne. Payne was transported by Adair County Ambulance to Northeast Regional Medical Center. Payne’s Chevrolet was totaled in the accident.

“Jackknife” truck accident occurs when tractor trailers fold in an angle like a pocket knife, or jackknife, in an accident. Jackknife truck accidents carry a significant risk of serious injury or death. The jackknifed trailers create multiple points for potential collisions. For example, the trailer of the truck may block the roadway and increase the risk of a front impact collision.

Missouri jackknife accidents may cause serious injury to truck accident victims. Jackknife truck accident victims may suffer severe spinal cord injuries in the collision. Impacts on the head may result in traumatic brain injury as well. As with every type of Missouri truck accident, a fatal injury may result.

Any serious injury carries a risk of fatality for a truck accident victim. Truck accident victims should always accept medical attention after a tractor trailer crash. Even if the injuries sustained seem minor – mere scrapes, cuts, and bruises – truck accident victims should accept medical treatment. Some serious injuries are not immediately apparent to an accident victim. Spinal cord injuries, for example, are notorious for lacking noticeable pain for a delayed amount of time. Trained medical personnel may understand how to search for signs of serious injuries with delayed symptoms. Catching and treating these injuries may help prevent fatalities in truck accident victims.

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