Woman Injured When Tractor Trailer Runs Stop Sign In Missouri

A Clay County Missouri trucking accident resulted in moderate injuries for a Kansas City, Missouri woman on August 29, 2011 at 11:20am. The Clay County Missouri truck accident occurred on westbound Highway 210.

Truck driver Robert D. Futcliffe, 42, of Freeman, Missouri failed to stop at a stop sign. Futcliffe drove a 2007 Kenworth into the path of a 1992 Ford F150 Pickup driven by Samantha J. Rojas, 28, of Kanas City, Missouri. The tractor trailer and the pickup truck collided. Both vehicle sustained moderate damage in the Clay County Missouri trucking accident.

Rojas suffered moderate injuries in the accident. She was transported to North Kansas City Hospital by EMS. The truck driver did not suffer any physical injuries in the accident. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, charges are pending.

Distracted driving is a growing cause of serious Missouri truck accidents. The dramatic increase in handheld mobile device use has led to an increase in accidents caused by distracted drivers. Drivers become distracted when they talk on a cellphone, change the input on a GPS device, eat a meal, or switch songs on an mp3 player.

Whenever drivers direct their attention to these distractions, they become more likely to cause a serious Missouri distracted driving accident. Scientific research shows that distracted driving slows response time more dramatically than drunk driving. Response time is the length of time needed to respond to a stimulus in the surrounding environment. Response time is important while driving because the environment changes rapidly – other vehicles may change lanes, cyclists may suddenly ride across the road, etc. Quick response times are vital for avoiding distracted driving accidents – yet distracted drivers routinely sacrifice this critical aspect of safe driving.

Missouri distracted drivers cause accidents because they fail to notice their surroundings. Distracted drivers may fail to notice traffic control devices while looking at the screen of their mobile device. These drivers will run stop signs and red lights without even noticing. Distracted drivers may fail to check their blind spot before initiating a lane change. These drivers will ignorantly cause side impact accidents.

Missouri distracted truck driving is even more dangerous that typical distracted driving. Tractor trailers, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers cause significantly more damage in a collision. Federal motor carrier laws now prohibit truck drivers from texting while driving, but some distracted truck drivers ignore this regulation.

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