Joplin Missouri Truck Driver Causes Cattle Car Crashes on I-64

According to local reports, a truck driver from Joplin, Missouri caused multiple Missouri trucking accidents on I-64 near Mt. Vernon. 54 year old truck driver Larry Nunnaley operated a semi-trailer too fast for road conditions, even though the semi-trailer carried dozens of cattle. Nunnaley lost control of the semi-trailer on the Route 37 exit of I-64. The semi-trailer overturned, leading to 69 cattle escaping.

Nunnaley was not injured in the Saturday morning truck accident. However, the escaped cattle from his semi-trailer caused three additional Missouri truck accidents. According to officials from a local fire department, at least one of the drivers who crashed into a cow was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

The damage caused by a livestock truck accident may be extensive. Most passenger cars cannot withstand a direct collision with a large animal unscathed. Unfortunately, many Missourians have had to pay for expensive repairs after crashing into a wild deer. An animal-vehicle collision can break windshields, crush crumple zones, or even total a vehicle. Accident victims may sustain serious injuries as well. Yet, when accident victims hit completely wild animals they likely cannot recover compensation for their injuries.

Accident victims may be able to obtain compensation after hitting an animal that was owned by another person. If the animal was in the roadway because it escaped from its owner’s property, the owner may be strictly liable for the damage it caused in the accident. If the owner knew or should have known that the animal was likely to cause an accident (e.g. the animal escaped often, the fences were not properly maintained, etc.), the owner may be liable for all the damage caused by the animal.

Accident victims may be able to obtain compensation after a trucking accident that involves a large animal. Large commercial motor vehicles transport thousands of large animals each year. If the animals escape, they can wreak havoc on public highways. Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for making sure that cattle and other large animals are properly secured in vehicle. If the cattle escape and caused a traffic accident, the truck drivers and trucking companies may be liable. If the cattle escaped because the truck driver was driving recklessly, the accident victim may be able to prove that the damage sustained in the accident was directly caused by the truck driver’s negligence.

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