How Long Do I Have To File a Car Accident Claim in Missouri?

If you have been injured in a car accident in Missouri, it can be devastating. Additionally, figuring out what to do next and when to do it can be confusing – especially when it comes to getting compensation from the at-fault party.

Car accidents can be overwhelming, so understanding how much time you have to file a claim may help make the process more easy to handle. The time between when an accident occurs and when you file your lawsuit is critical. This time frame is described as the statute of limitations deadline.

What Is a Statute of Limitations?

A statute of limitations is a law that sets the deadlines for filing lawsuits. The clock typically starts from the day the car accident occurs. You must follow the statute of limitations because if you wait too long to file your lawsuit, you will lose your legal right to pursue compensation.

How Long Is the Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents in Missouri?

The statute of limitations for car accidents in Missouri is five years from the date the accident occurred. The clock starts “counting down” immediately after the accident, so moving as quickly as possible is essential to file your claim on time. 

There are a few further things to consider regarding the deadline to file a car accident lawsuit in Missouri:

  • The five-year time limit applies to both personal injury and property damage claims
  • The clock typically starts ticking from the date of the accident
  • Specific exceptions to the statute of limitations may exist, but they are relatively rare and require particular circumstances
  • If the accident involves a government entity, such as a city or county, there may be additional procedural requirements and shorter filing deadlines

In addition to the time allowed to file a claim, you should remember there may be other necessary steps to take after an accident to protect your best interests. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Tips: Things To Remember After a Car Accident in Missouri

Below are some things to remember when filing a car accident claim in Missouri. You should strive to file your claim immediately, if possible, to avoid wasting time and having the statute of limitations expire. 

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible
  • Gather as much information and evidence as you can
  • Keep a record of everything, including the names and contact information of witnesses
  • Document if the other person has insurance or not, and then notify your insurance company
  • File a claim. Prepare your documents and submit your claim after speaking with a knowledgeable attorney

Ideally, you should reach out to a local car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the crash as well. An attorney can make sure you undertake your best course of action from the beginning.

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Missouri?

It’s most likely in your best interest to hire an attorney following a car crash in Missouri. Most personal injury lawyers work for a contingency fee, which means hiring one costs you nothing upfront – and you only pay them attorney’s fees if they secure compensation for you.

As most car accident attorneys also offer free initial consultations, you can reach out for preliminary legal advice at no charge.

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