How Can I File a Boy Scouts of America Sex Abuse Case In St. Louis, MO?

A former scout member and five other plaintiffs filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) in Oregon in 2010. The lawsuit brought public attention to a child abuse scandal that shook the organization. 

Since then, tens of thousands of claims have been filed against the organization, former scout leaders, and other parties. The claims include allegations of widespread child sexual abuse and cover-ups. In addition, files confiscated from the BSA revealed the names of abusers and more than 12,000 sexual abuse victims. 

Plaintiffs allege that the Boy Scouts of America organization owes a duty of care to its members. It is obligated to provide a safe environment for members free from sexual abuse and violence. Former scout members allege the BSA failed in its obligation. 

Sadly, the cases alleging child sexual abuse against the Boy Scouts of America have become increasingly complicated. The organization filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief in February 2020. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy case is pending in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

How Does the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Impact Lawsuits Against the Boy Scouts of America?

When a company or individual files for bankruptcy, the filing “stays” or pauses any legal actions pending against the party. Therefore, the sexual abuse lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America have been paused. The lawsuits cannot proceed without bankruptcy court approval.

Any claims or lawsuits against the BSA are filed within the bankruptcy case. Former and current scout members who wish to sue the Boys Scouts of America should hire a St. Louis Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawyer immediately. There are strict deadlines for filing claims within the bankruptcy case.

Can I Sue Other Parties Responsible for Sexual Abuse When I Was a Scout Member?

The BSA bankruptcy filing only protects the Boys Scouts of America organization. It does not protect other parties from being sued in state court. 

The statute of limitations for filing a childhood sexual abuse claim is ten years from the person’s 21st birthday. However, in some cases, the deadline to file a claim is three years from discovering a psychological injury or physical injury was caused by childhood sexual abuse. 

It is essential to seek legal advice as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline to file a child sexual abuse case in Missouri.

Whom Can I Hold Liable for a Child Sexual Abuse Claim in Missouri?

You can sue the perpetrator of the sexual abuse for civil damages. However, the alleged abuser might not be the only party liable for damages caused by childhood sexual abuse. 

Depending on the facts and circumstances of the case, other parties could share liability under one or more causes of action. Potential causes of actions related to child sexual abuse claims include, but might not be limited to:

  • Premises liability claims for negligent security, inadequate lighting, and other hazardous conditions that permitted the sexual abuse to occur
  • Negligence claims when a party has a duty to protect a child from abuse and violence, but breaches that duty by failing to protect the child
  • Negligent hiring and supervision by employers who have a duty to provide a safe environment for children

The parties who could be liable for a child sexual abuse claim range from schools and daycare centers to youth sports leagues, medical facilities, and churches. A lawyer can review your case to determine the type of claim you might have for childhood sexual abuse and the parties who could be liable for damages.

What Damages Can I Receive for a Childhood Sexual Abuse Claim in Missouri?

The effects of sexual abuse on children can include:

  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional distress
  • Psychological conditions
  • Self-harm
  • High-risk behavior
  • Tantrums
  • Night terrors
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD 

The above list does not include all effects of child sexual abuse. The impact of the abuse depends on the child’s age and other factors. The long-term consequences of child sexual abuse can be debilitating. 

Filing a civil lawsuit against the abuser and other responsible parties can entitle the victim to compensation for their economic damages. Those damages can include the cost of medical treatment, counseling, therapy, and loss of income. 

The victim may also be entitled to compensation for non-economic damages. Non-economic damages refer to the pain and suffering experienced by the victim because of the sexual abuse. In some cases, a jury might award punitive damages to deter or punish the defendant for specific behavior. 

The amount a child sexual abuse survivor receives depends on many factors. A St. Louis personal injury lawyer can review the case to determine what types of damages and the potential amounts a person could seek based on the facts of their individual case.

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