Boy Scouts of America Sex Abuse Lawyer

Claims of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization are alarming and devastating. Thousands of claims have been filed to date, including lawsuits against the Boy Scouts and individual parties.

Filing a sex abuse claim against the Boy Scouts requires an experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyer. These claims are sensitive and incredibly complex.

Our St. Louis Boy Scouts of America sex abuse lawyers at Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers have an exceptional reputation with other attorneys, judges, and clients. Our law firm has top ratings for our work with personal injury clients in St. Louis, MO. Our legal team has over 30 years of experience obtaining personal injury settlements and jury verdicts.

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How Our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers Help You and Your Child With a Boy Scout Sex Abuse Claim 

How Our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers Help You and Your Child With a Boy Scout Sex Abuse Claim 

When you take on a large organization, you need a law firm with the resources and skills to handle complex litigation. Our law firm has helped accident victims and injured parties since 2002. Our St. Louis sexual abuse attorneys have recovered more than $70 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients. 

Our lawyers have been recognized nationally and locally by several organizations. We have a 10.0 Superb Rating from Avvo and a Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell. At Bradley Law Personal Injury Lawyers, you can be assured that you receive professional, competent, and compassionate legal representation from dedicated personal injury lawyers. 

When you hire our legal team in St. Louis, Missouri, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate the allegations of sexual abuse while you were in the Boy Scouts of America
  • Explain your legal options for filing a lawsuit or claim against the BSA and individuals
  • Work to hold the parties responsible for child sexual abuse accountable for their actions
  • Hire expert witnesses to assist in evaluating the extent of your injuries and damages 
  • Calculate the value of your damages and work to recover that amount for your claim
  • Provide support and guidance throughout your case

Filing a claim for childhood sexual assault can be frightening. We understand you have experienced a traumatic event. Our legal team strives to provide a safe environment for your to discuss your case.

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What Is the Status of the Lawsuits Against the Boy Scouts of America for Sexual Abuse?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief. The organization faced thousands of claims of childhood sex abuse by leaders and others within the organization. Additionally, victims alleged that the BSA knew about the sexual abuse and covered up the incidents for decades.

Because the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy relief, all pending lawsuits were paused. The bankruptcy protects the BSA from lawsuits and claims outside of the bankruptcy case. Now, all claims must be handled through the bankruptcy case.

Former and current scout members who have claims of sexual abuse while in the Boy Scouts should contact a St. Louis Boy Scouts sex abuse attorney immediately. The bankruptcy court has strict deadlines for filing claims and actions within the bankruptcy case.

Can I Sue the Person Who Abused Me While in the Boy Scouts?

The BSA’s bankruptcy case does not protect individuals who are guilty of sexually assaulting boys. However, Missouri does have statutes of limitations on lawsuits for childhood sexual assault. 

The deadline to file a claim for child sex abuse is ten years from the person’s 21st birthday. However, there could be exceptions. For example, a person might have three years from the date they discovered a physical or psychological injury was caused by sexual abuse to file a claim.

In addition to the individual who committed the sexual abuse, you could also have claims against third parties. For example, you might have a negligence claim or a premises liability claim against a third party who failed to provide a safe environment or protect you from abuse. 

Our St. Louis Boy Scouts sex abuse lawyers understand the laws governing these types of claims. The best way to protect your right to seek justice is to talk with an attorney as soon as possible.

What Damages Could I Receive for a Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claim?

A victim of childhood sexual assault may suffer long-term effects because of the abuse. The severity of the damage depends on several factors. 

If you were abused as a child while in the Boy Scouts, you could be entitled to compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. You can be compensated for things like, to name a few examples:

 In some cases, a jury might award punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages. 

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