Freightliner U-Turn Accident Occurs At Highway 63 And U.S. Route 60

A Missouri car accident occurred on June 10, 2012 in Texas, County. The accident’s location was at Highway 63 and U.S. Route 60 near Cabool, Missouri. The accident’s time was at 4:35pm.

Dion F. Sutfin of Lake City, Arkansas was driving his 2005 Freightliner Semi-Tractor Trailer on the Highway 63 and U.S. Route 60 location. In addition, Samantha J. Robinson of Cabool, Missouri was driving her 2005 Dodge Magnum and was traveling northbound. While Sutfin was traveling, he attempted to make a U-Turn in order to travel on the opposite direction. However, Sutfin ended up making a U-Turn right into the path of Robinson’s vehicle. Sutfin’s Freightliner struck the side of Robinson’s Dodge Magnum. Robinson’s vehicle sustained extensive damage due to the collision while Sutfin’s Freightliner only sustained minor damage.

Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Cabool Police Department responded to the accident. Robinson sustained minor injuries due to the collision. Robinson was subsequently transported to Ozarks Medical Center located in West Plains, Missouri by a private vehicle.

Even though U-Turns are at times legal in most states, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that less than one (1) percent of all fatal car accidents across the nation surface from U-Turns. U-Turns can be surprisingly dangerous maneuvers if the driver has not looked to see whether it is safe to do the U-Turn or not. Thus, even though U-Turns are also legal in Missouri, it is possible that a fatality can occur due to a Missouri U-Turn trucking accident.

Missouri statute § 304.341 requires drivers to follow certain rules when attempting to make a U-Turn. The law states that any U-Turn maneuver must be made in a manner that “can be made in safety” and also “without interfering with other traffic.” This may be less of an issue with smaller cars, but a tremendous amount of care must be especially made when attempting to U-Turn with any large vehicle like a semi-truck. The large size of the semi-truck and the amount of space needed for its required wide turns would both make semi-truck U-Turns dangerous and would often interfere with traffic regardless. It may be recommended that semi-truck drivers should seldom attempt U-Turns.

In addition to § 307.341, making U-Turns must also be read with § 307.015. This second statute makes it unlawful for any vehicle to make a U-Turn on a highway that is divided by a physical barrier, sign, or line unless the turn is made at a designated area. Highways often restrict certain U-Turn areas to emergency vehicles only.

Making a U-Turn with a semi-truck may not only be dangerous to other motorists and block traffic, but it can also be unlawful at certain areas. A semi-truck or large truck’s size and width greatly increases the risk of causing a Missouri semi-truck accident when making a U-Turn. Victims of a Missouri U-Turn semi-truck accident should consult a Missouri semi-truck accident attorney.

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