FMCSA Launches Employment Screening For Truck Drivers

As employers, trucking companies are liable for the damages caused by Missouri trucking accidents. This liability is the result of the extent to which trucking companies affect traffic safety through the hiring, training, and supervision of truck drivers. Trucking companies hire truck drivers to operate large commercial motor vehicles on public roadways. Trucking companies are usually involved in the training of truck drivers. Trucking companies are principally responsible for supervising the safety of truck drivers. Trucking companies are additionally responsible for the maintenance of the large trucking vehicles that are operated by truck drivers.

Trucking companies play a large role in nationwide traffic safety, so trucking companies may be liable for negligent hiring, supervision, and training. For example, a trucking company may be found liable for negligently hiring if it knowingly hired truck drivers without valid licenses. Hiring a truck driver without performing a background check may be considered negligent hiring. Ignoring red flags on a truck driver’s record may also be negligent.

In order to help the trucking industry hire safe truck drivers with clean records, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). The PSP is operated by the United States Department of Transportation. The PSP aims to decrease Missouri truck accidents by helping trucking companies make sound, informed, and responsible hiring decisions.

PSP records give trucking companies access to the crash and inspection histories of truck drivers. PSP records will include whether the trucker driver previously violated a trucking regulation. Whether the truck driver had previously been in a Missouri truck accident is also indicated in PSP. Using these records in hiring decisions may help trucking companies avoid liability for negligent hiring. The records are available online, keeping the program efficient and cost-effective.

The PSP charges trucking companies for access to PSP records to help cover the costs of the program. Trucking companies are charged an annual subscription fee of $100. The trucking company must pay an additional $10 per PSP record request. Trucking companies with fewer than 100 units only have to pay a reduced annual fee of $25. Individuals may also request that PSP records. Individuals pay $10 per personal driver history, but individuals do not have to pay a subscription fee.

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