FMCSA Administrator Asks Senate to Help Deter Missouri Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is federal agency focused on increasing highway safety and preventing Missouri trucking accidents. The FMCSA Administrator, Anne S. Ferro, recently made an oral statement to a transportation committee of the United States Senate about reauthorizing its Motor Carrier Safety Program.

The FMCSA decreases Missouri truck accidents in part by taking unsafe motor carriers off the nation’s roadways. If a commercial trucking company has an egregious safety violation, the FMCSA may cease the company’s operation by issuing an imminent hazard order. According to Ferro, 10% of motor carriers are “high risk carriers.” Unlike the overwhelming majority of motor carriers, high risk carriers endanger the public by having multiple safety violations.

High risk carriers are a minority of motor carriers, but they cause a great deal of accidents and injuries around the nation. High risk carriers are involved in 40% of serious and fatal Missouri truck accidents. The FMCSA seeks greater enforcement authority from Congress to deter high risk carriers from causing more accidents.

Missouri’s tort laws also deter Missouri truck accidents. Missouri tort laws empower Missouri truck accident victims to obtain compensation for any injuries sustained in a Missouri truck accident. Truck accident victims can recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain, and other losses related to the accident. Tort laws act as a deterrent for negligent trucking companies because preventing accidents prevents a financial loss for the company. High risk carriers may not be concerned about safety, but they are typically concerned about their bottom line. In addition, tort laws keep trucking companies accountable for the injuries caused by safety violations and negligence.

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