Flying Ice from Tractor-Trailer Crashes through Woman’s Windshield

Flying ice from a tractor trailer has injured a Missouri woman. Stacey Spies, 37, was headed eastbound on Interstate 70 in her Chevrolet Cavalier, when a large chunk of ice flew off a semi-truck trailer, crashing through her windshield, striking Ms. Spies in the head. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, this truck accident occurred around 4:40 p.m., approximately a quarter mile west of Highway 370. Large trucks from across the country travel I-70, and, in some cases, may be coming from areas with even more snow and ice. Ms. Spies was taken by Charles County ambulance to Barnes-St. Peters Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries.

With the heavy amounts of snow and ice that recently hit the St. Louis area, it is important to keep your distance to avoid serious personal injuries from large trucks. While it is much more common for damage to occur to vehicles from falling or flying ice, personal injuries from flying objects coming from large trucks can occur. A spokesman for AAA Missouri, Mike Right, advises motorists that if they are going to pass a big-rig, not to “dilly-dally,” but to get around them quickly and safely. He also noted people who don’t clean the ice and snow from their vehicles could easily lose chunks of ice when driving at highway speeds. Anytime things are falling from a vehicle traveling at high speeds, injuries to motorists and damage to property are likely.

Because two similar accidents have occurred in the past week in Pennsylvania, a Lehigh Valley lawmaker is making her third attempt to strengthen Pennsylvania’s laws regarding removing snow and ice from vehicles. New Jersey already has a law in place which punishes drivers who fail to make “all reasonable efforts” to remove snow and ice. Current law in Pennsylvania prescribes fines for drivers only if the ice causes death or serious bodily injury. Boscola has been pushing this law since the 2005 death of Christine Lambert, who was killed when snow and ice dislodged from a tractor-trailer she was traveling behind, flying through her windshield. New Jersey requires commercial trucks to clear ice and snow from the cab, the top of a trailer or semi-trailer and the top of an intermodal freight container.

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