Everton Woman Injured in Greene County Missouri Trucking Accident

Sheryl J. Kyger of Everton, Missouri was injured in a Greene County Missouri truck accident near Springfield, Missouri on I-44. The Tuesday morning Missouri side impact truck accident began as Kyger drove a 2011 Ford Fiesta on eastbound I-44.

A large 2012 Peterbilt Conventional tractor trailer sideswiped Kyger’s Ford. The Ford swerved to the left after the impact and Kyger lost control of the vehicle. Kyrger overcorrected and skid into the left front section of the tractor trailer. Then Kyrger’s Ford drove off the roadway and overturned. Kyger was the only person injured in the Greene County Missouri truck accident. She suffered moderate injuries and was transported to Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. Kyger’s vehicle sustained substantial damage in the accident.

Missouri side collision truck accidents are incredibly dangerous for the occupants of a passenger vehicle. The disparity in size between a tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle (such as a car, SUV, or minivan) often results in a disparity in physical injury and in vehicle damage. The truck accident victims often suffer serious injuries while the truck drivers walk away from the accident unharmed. The vehicle of the truck accident victim may be totaled. Tractor trailers may only suffer minor damage during the side collision truck accident.

The disparity continues after the accident. Truck drivers may have an advantage in court after a truck accident. Truck drivers are usually the employees of insured trucking corporations. The trucking corporations and their insurers have a great deal of experience defending truck accident lawsuits. In fact, trucking corporations may use law firms that specialize in insurance defense. The attorneys at insurance defense law firms spend extensive time creating arguments to defeat personal injury lawsuits against negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. Truck drivers have corporations, insurance companies, and insurance defense law firms on their side in a Missouri truck accident lawsuit.

Truck accident victims without experience attorneys are at a distinct advantage. The truck accident victims may not know how to navigate the legal system to obtain compensation for their injuries. Truck accident victims often lack the experience to know whether a settlement offer is enough to cover their current expenses related to the accident as well as future loss. Truck accident victims may be unable to craft legal arguments using federal trucking laws or Missouri tort law to overcome the defendant’s arguments. Truck accident victims should obtain experienced legal counsel to protect their legal rights after a truck accident.

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