Edwardsville Teen Injured by Fallen Tractor Trailer Part on I-44

A Laclede County Missouri tractor trailer accident occurred when the driveshaft of a 2006 International Tractor Trailer fell onto the roadway on July 24, 2011. The driveshaft struck four other vehicles after falling from the tractor trailer driven by truck driver Anson D. Manfro from Collinsville, Illinois in the Missouri truck accident.

The 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix by Edwardsville teen Danielle M. Suess was struck by the tractor trailer part. Suess was taken by St. Johns Paramedics to St. Johns Medical Center in Lebanon, Missouri. Suess sustained the only reported injuries in the accident.

The other drivers involved in the Missouri trucking accident were from all over the nation. Jola M. Oneal from Wichita Falls, Texas now has to deal with the damage to her 2011 Hyundai Sonata. A 2006 VW Jetta driven by David B. Haufmann of Overgaard, Arizona sustained damage when it was struck by the tractor trailer driveshaft. Dwayne P. Pratt from Wyandotte, Michigan drove another International Tractor Trailer that was struck by the driveshaft.

This Missouri trucking accident highlights the important role that federal trucking and motor carrier regulations play in Missouri. The federal government requires that truck drivers and trucking companies regularly inspect tractor trailers. Commercial motor vehicles like tractor trailers must be inspected daily. Federal regulations additionally require that the trucking company maintain extensive inspection and maintenance records.

Federally mandated inspections are necessary because Missouri truck accidents with defective equipment are a serious danger to the public. According the United States Department of Transportation, 10% of trucking accidents are caused by vehicle factors. Missouri truck accidents result in serious injury and death for hundreds of people each year.

The federal government may use its authority over instate commerce to force unsafe trucking companies out of service using imminent hazard orders. In fact, the federal government has ramped up use of imminent hazard orders in the past two years. The government may take particular vehicles out of service for safety violations as well.

Federal motor carrier regulations help accident victims recover compensation for the injuries sustained in Missouri truck accidents. Accident victims can use the federal safety violations as evidence of negligence. If the accident victim successfully shows that the truck driver or trucking company was negligent, the accident victim may obtain compensation for the injuries caused by that negligence.

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