Dump Truck Kills Man in Crash

A 96-year-old man from Boonville, Missouri was killed in a Howard County dump truck accident. The side collision dump truck accident occurred on US-40 near Howard County Road 345 at 2:24pm on May 3, 2011.

Warsh A. Elbert of Boonville, Missouri pulled out of a gas station in a light blue 1998 Mercury on Tuesday afternoon. As he pulled out, a 1999 International dump truck slammed into his front side door. The Howard County Road and Bridge Commission dump truck was driven by Jared K. Wies of Fayette, Missouri.

Elbert was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by Howard County Paramedic Mary Brundage. He was not wearing a safety device during the accident. There were no reported injuries for dump truck driver Wies.

Elbert’s vehicle was totaled in the Missouri truck accident. The authorities tore open the top of the vehicle, drilled through the doors, and broke the windshield in order to reach Elbert. The Missouri State Highway Patrol, Boonville Police Department, Boonville Fire Department, and the Howard County Ambulance had officials at the scene.

Missouri side collision truck accidents occur when a big rig slams into the side of the car. These truck accidents often result in death or serious injury. Vehicles may be equipped with headrests and airbags, but those features primarily protect against injuries from front or rear impact collisions. The design of most car doors cannot absorb the impact of a crash with a tractor trailer. Side airbags are a feature that protects against side impact collision, but older vehicles often lack side airbags. The weak protection that vehicle design provides emphasizes the importance of wearing a safety device while operating a motor vehicle.

Negligence claims for Missouri side collision truck accidentsare difficult to navigate because a wide variety of factors may contribute to an accident. Excessive speed, brake failure, adverse weather, and driving under the influence may each contribute to an accident. Securing skilled legal representation is the first step in proving a successful negligence claim.

If a loved one is killed in a truck accident, contact a Missouri truck accident attorney as soon as possible. A practiced attorney will understand how to achieve success in claims for injury or wrongful death after a truck accident.

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