Dodge Charger Pursuit Recall 2015-2018

Dodge Chargers have been used by police departments for many years due to their great handling, intense speed, and numerous customization features.  The Pursuit model made its debut back in 2006 and quickly took the lead away from the Crown Victoria when it came to being the ideal police vehicle. The Charger is available with either a v6 or v8 engine. While most departments opt for the v6 because of its great gas mileage, others opt out of the v8 edition.

Specific Dodge Charger Pursuit police vehicles manufactured between 2015-2018 with v8 engines and all-wheel drive options are being recalled by Chrysler. The drive shaft joint in the front of the car may stop functioning or break, which will cause the shaft to separate from the automobile. If this happens, it will create a major road hazard and could potentially lead to an accident.

As a police officer, that last thing that you want is to lose your driveshaft during a high-speed chase. However, that is how the issue was brought to Chrysler’s attention. In February, Chrysler opened an investigation into reports that the driveshafts were detaching while the vehicles were in use. The company contacted police departments and collected defective parts as a way to begin looking into the complaints.

By March, Chrysler vigorously inspected a police vehicle that had reported driveshaft failure, but couldn’t pick up any vibrations or noise. The part was removed for further testing and it was decided that the company would issue a recall to repair all parts that could be problematic in the Dodge Charger Pursuit police vehicles. They have been working diligently to correct the issue and provide solutions for the affected vehicles so they can get back on the road in a timely manner.

Owners will begin getting notifications at the end of June if their vehicles are affected and Chrysler dealers will replace the front driveshaft at no cost to the owner after making an appointment for the repair. Dealerships know about the issue and will have the tools and resources available to correct the issue. They are trained and will ensure that your vehicle is up to par before letting it out of their facilities,

There are over 13,000 vehicles that are affected by this recall that will need to visit a dealership for repair. Take the time to look into the recall to make sure that the vehicle you are driving isn’t one of the automobiles that need to be repaired. It is advised to stop driving the vehicle if you are experiencing any issues until it can be repaired by the Chrysler dealership.

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